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About EAMbrace ITAM

What is EAMbrace ITAM?

EAMbrace ITAM is an asset management solution specifically designed for handling assets for companies. It includes various kinds of assets such as: 

  1. Business facilities, e.g., warehouses, production plants, offices
  2. Business specific machinery and equipment 
  3. IT assets 
  4. Office equipment, furniture, and space management 
  5. Logistic assets e.g., vehicles and containers 
  6. Digital media and contracts/agreements 

EAMbrace ITAM helps in managing overall cost of the asset ownership without compromising the usage or productivity of the asset. This best asset management software helps companies to optimize their asset performance as well as boost the shelf life by consistently tracking the servicing and maintenance work. It facilitates informed decision making for business owners through effortless collaboration among asset stakeholders. It further enables strategic decision making to understand operational goals. 

Which business use EAMbrace ITAM?

EAMbrace ITAM  covers a wide range of businesses. The same can be used for: 

  1. Education institutes for better space and class arrangement. 
  2. Infrastructure companies to check regular servicing of their framework and depreciation calculation. 
  3. Medical Centers use EAMbrace ITAM to manage their lab equipments, machines, and space management as per their medicinal requirements. 
  4. Hospitality industries can use this to handle rooms, asset servicing, etc. 
  5. IT companies can track the deadline of their software licenses, network policy compliance, etc. 

What are the features offered by EAMbrace ITAM?

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by EAMbrace ITAM: 

  1. Asset tracking
  2. Personalized branding 
  3. Alerts and escalations
  4. Enterprise class
  5. Multi-business
  6. Multi-currency
  7. Document management
  8. Scalable architecture 
  9. ERP integration
  10. Configurable parameters 

What is the price of EAMbrace ITAM? 

To buy EAMbrace ITAM, you are free to send a call back request to Techjockey. Our sales services support representative will contact you and provide all the necessary help regarding customer queries and the purchasing processes. 

Sold By : PTSOL

Get EAMbrace ITAM support 22 Chatting right now

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EAMbrace ITAM Features

The software can scan all the devices that have yet not been discovered by the software.
This asset management software applies an exclusion list to halt the activity of unauthorized applications.
EAMbrace ITAM creates a comprehensive list of all the applications and software that were previously unapproved during exclusion list operation.
The software can group different software components under a suite with user-friendly drill down design like MS Office.
This software is created for the purpose of managing and tracking of assets.
Companies or facilities can use this software to schedule and conduct audits as per their requirements.
EAMbrace ITAM records the date for contract and license expiry as well as generates an alert or reminder for users to get them updated.
The asset management software has an inventory feature that allows users to thoroughly list out all the items and tracks their usage and maintenance cycles periodically.
The software makes sure that businesses are fully compliant with their license and policy guidelines.
Users can track the complete lifecycle of their assets right from the beginning when the asset was acquired till the end where the asset stands disposed.
Users can optimize the usage of their assets to make sure that it performs consistently over a long period of time for sustained usage.

Get EAMbrace ITAM support22 Chatting right now

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EAMbrace ITAM Specifications

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EAMbrace ITAM provides both cloud and on-premise data hosting for its users.
This asset management software supports both barcode and RFID tagging for asset identification.
Yes, EAMbrace ITAM supports GPS for asset locating workflow.
EAMbrace ITAM calculates the depreciation of an asset based on Companies Act 2013 and Income Tax Act.
Techjockey offers demo for EAMbrace ITAM. You can view demos by contacting us. Our expert team would get in touch with you at timings convenient for you.

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