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EAMbrace Facility Management has been created primarily looking at the needs of facility, building managers and property managers. It also helps in locating the assets visually for carrying out preventive maintenance and breakdown repairs. EAMbrace Space Management solution allows organizations to leverage the information stored in EAMbrace to produce a visual representation of their assets in a way unique to their office, warehouse, building, campus or other structure. Physical location information is aggregated and represented so that assets can be easily located during physical verification, transfers etc. With the help of EAMbrace Space Management, a user can view asset data on a map, find specific assets quickly and initiate transfers by doing drag and drop. Real-time information about space occupancy and utilization provides you with greater decision-making ability about space in the organization.
Product Features
Manufacturing plant managers, hotel managers, offices and a lot of other building managers need to manage their properties which involve maintenance and upkeep activities which can prove to be cumbersome at times. For this, the solution helps users:

Define different types of spaces:
  • These could be offices, cubicles, reception areas, shop floors, warehouse racks/bins, apartments, lobbies, retail areas, storage areas, conference rooms, floors, buildings and so on.
  • Up to 6 levels of Space Hierarchy and allows creation of similar space types as well as space hierarchy in bulk using a graphical drag-and-drop interface
  • Attach AutoCAD floor-plans/other maps at multiple levels of space hierarchy
  • View assets/space availability on the floor-plan/ map interface
  • Treat space as an asset and manage it through its Lifecycle like any movable asset
  • Assign a space to an individual or a department
  • Lease out spaces to external entities, track lease payments
  • Track space costs - including operating costs
  • Perform asset transactions by locating the assets on the map
  • Estimate future space requirements due to organizational growth or contraction
  • Compare actual with planned space utilization by using dashboards and built-in reports
  • View location of a given asset on a floor-plan
  • View assets at a given location on a map
  • View space availability on a map
  • Create service/maintenance/transfer requests for an asset by locating it on a map
  • View locations on map for assets needing service/maintenance
  • View lease payment status on a map
About The Company
Progressive Technology Solutions PTSOL is a software and technology solutions and services company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, USA with its offices in Europe (United Kingdom), UAE (Dubai) and India (Mumbai/Pune). PTSOL team has developed a highly modular and configurable enterprise asset management software EAMbrace. It provides number of solutions around asset management using EAMbrace. Company’s configurable solutions and quick implementation approach allows them to meet clients’ requirements which include fortune 2000 companies in a very short timeline.

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