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Clinic Software from Qmarksoft is an innovative solution that empowers the clinics with state-of-the-art automation tools. The software is a cost-effective solution which is easy to deploy and simple to use with interactive interface. The solution is complete management package for almost every operation in the clinics. Patients, prescriptions, drugs, employees, appointments, etc. all can be managed efficiently with this user friendly software. Available as online solution, the software is also mobile friendly and addresses multi-user multi-level safety requirements with much ease.
Product Features
Clinic Software is an online solution that can also be deployed as a mobile app thereby allowing anytime anywhere access to the users. The software has been designed to meet the management needs integrated with the automated solution. With user friendly interface, the software provides various modules accommodation all processes for automation.
The eminent features of Clinic Software include:
  • Patient Registration: Clinics can readily register patient details, complaints, medical history of the patients and past diagnostics. The module serves as a master’s module containing all vital registration details to be accesses anytime in future.
  • BMI Calculation: Automatic BMI calculation based on age and height is enabled in this module.
  • Billing: This module allows easy billing and money receipt generation for the patients visiting the clinic.
  • Employee Management: This module allows the effective management of staff, roles and responsibilities assigned and staff schedules etc. clinics can also store the pay structures of the employees in this module and manage salary distribution.
  • Drug and Brand: To manage drugs from multiple brands or vendors and keep a record of the available substitutes, this module can be used effortlessly.
  • Safety: This module enables the clinics to specify the patient’s safety in terms of contra indication, reactions, special precautions.
  • Schedule Management: This integrated module allows generating, maintaining and monitoring timetables and appointments in the clinics effectively.
  • Prescription: Automated prescription management and printing is facilitated in this easy to use module.
  • Administration: All MIS reports with graphical presentation can be generated for useful insights and effective decision making.
  • Certificate: This module helps the clinics to generate medical and fitness certificate with pre-recorded data and specifications.
  • Email and SMS: Effective communication between administration and staff is facilitated with email and SMS integration module.
  • To Do List Manager: Clinics can now easily manage to-do lists for staff and admin so as to prevent missing any important task. 
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