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Quick Heal PC Tuner 3

by : Quick Heal


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Quick Heal PC Tuner 3

Quick Heal PC Tuner 3

by : Quick Heal

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Brand: Quick Heal

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: Yes

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Quick Heal PC Tuner 3 Software Overview

What is Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0?

Quick Heal PC Tuner is an advanced cleanup tool that helps get rid of all junk files securely from one’s PC. It boosts the system performance and deletes any trace of popularly used applications in the system. The system is equipped with enhanced features to remove unwanted programs at startup, thereby boosting up the system boot time. 

Redundant files are deleted according to file check in the software. It comes with an auto cleanup feature to get rid of unwanted and junk files, thus eliminating the hassle of performing any individual cleanup activities. The software also comes with unique features like registry cleanup and duplicate file finder.

What is the role of the Disk, Registry and Traces Cleanup in the software?

The main role of Disk Cleanup is to create disk space and improve the system performance by removing invalid, junk files from the hard disk. It also removes items such as internet cache files, temporary files and garbage files, thereby freeing up space for other valid applications and programs. 

Registry Cleanup removes all the invalid registries from the system that mainly arise due to faulty uninstallation, non-existent fonts, etc. When one upgrades or installs a program, installers leave behind unnecessary pointers in registries, which slow down the system and removes applications that are unable to uninstall the registries.

The process of looking for invalid entries, missing file references, etc., gets automated due to the registry cleanup feature of the software. Traces Cleanup removes all sorts of traces of browsing history from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc. It also removes any traces from the list of most recently used applications. This procedure also deletes cache, cookies and passwords to ensure a healthy system. Additionally, it erases traces from programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.

What is Duplicate File Finder, Defragmenter and Secure Delete in Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0?

Duplicate File Finder of the software deletes any duplicate image files, mp3 or other music files, documents, movies, and other commonly used files. This feature works as per the locations specified by users. One can also specify exclusion paths to search for duplicate files. You can delete the duplicate file(s) using the traditional or secure deletion method. 

Secure Deletion method permanently deletes the user-specified files from one’s hard disk, thus making them unrecoverable. This software allows users to choose from three types of deletion methods. 

  1. One is the quick pass deletion, which uses random letters to overwrite the data. 
  2. The second one is a two-pass deletion method that uses twice the number of random letters to delete
  3. And the last is the DOD method of deletion that uses the encryption method of choosing from random letters to delete data. 

In the third method, data can’t be recovered back by any means. The Registry Defragmenter clubs all page-file fragments into a continuous block to improve the performance of the system. This helps in improving application response time and the registry access time.

Pricing of Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0

Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0 comes for just Rs 499/-.

What is the function of Auto Tuneup, Service Optimizer and Startup Booster in the software?

Auto Tuneup deletes unwanted junk files, traces of internet browsing history and the obsolete registry entries. With this procedure, cumulative disk clean-up and registry clean-up are done seamlessly. This method deletes traces permanently. However, only disk and registry clean-up items are recoverable. Service Optimizer disables the unwanted services that Windows may be running potentially. 

This frees up memory and improves the system performance at a startup. The startup booster removes all the unnecessary programs that run at a startup and potentially slows down the system. This process prevents unauthorized replica of confidential data from one’s PC. It blocks access to USB storage devices to make the system full proof.

Quick Heal PC Tuner 3 Features

  • checkbox Auto Tuneup Auto Tuneup removes all the unwanted files, traces of web browsing history and obsolete registry entries, thereby cleaning up
  • checkbox Disk Cleanup This feature increases space and improves system performance by the removal of junk files, such as internet cache, invalid
  • checkbox Registry Cleanup This removes all the invalid registry entries from your system, resulting from improper uninstallation activities, non-existent
  • checkbox Traces Cleanup Removes traces of browsing history from browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Also erases traces from
  • checkbox Duplicate File Finder This feature deletes all duplicate image files, movies, music files and documents. The software hunts for duplicate files at
  • checkbox Defragmenter The registry defragmenter clubs the page-file fragments into a block to improve the system performance.
  • checkbox Startup Booster It removes all unwanted programs, which run at startup and subsequently slows down the system.
  • checkbox Secure Delete This feature deletes all user-specified folders and files permanently from their hard disk, which makes them unrecoverable.
  • checkbox Service Optimizer The Service Optimizer frees up memory and boosts up the performance of the systems by disabling the unwanted services that
  • checkbox Restore Whenever a registry or Disk Cleanup is performed, a backup is taken. This helps users restore earlier system settings and

Quick Heal PC Tuner 3 Plans & Pricing

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Quick Heal PC Tuner 3 Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Perpetual
  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • English

Quick Heal PC Tuner 3 Reviews

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
Rajiv Bhardwaj
15, Apr 2019
star star star star star
All things considered, Quick Heal PCTuner is a decent apparatus that can prove to be useful frequently, particularly since it accompanies such a wide assortment of highlights. Less experienced people should discover the application simple to deal with, gratitude to the instinctive format and its general straightforwardness.
10, Apr 2017
star star star star star
I have known about this company and my personal experience with them has been very positive.

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Quick Heal PC Tuner 3 FAQ

Q. What is the role of service optimizer in Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0? arrow

A. Service Optimizer frees up memory and boosts up the performance of one’s system.

Q. What is the role of defragmenter in Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0? arrow

A. The registry defragmenter clubs all the page-file fragments into a block to bolster the system performance.

Q. How can I restore my earlier settings in Quick Heal PC Tuner 3? arrow

A. Whenever a registry or disk cleanup is performed, a backup is taken by the software, which helps in restoration of one’s system settings back to the earlier version and maintain the record.

Q. What is the role of the startup booster in Tuner 3.0? arrow

A. The startup booster removes all the junk programs that run at startup, which can potentially slow one’s system down.

Q. What is the function of Tuner 3.0’s Auto Tuneup? arrow

A. Auto Tuneup removes all unnecessary files, obsolete registry entries and traces of any internet history, thereby cleaning up registry and disk.

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