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Retail POS is a powerful, easy and affordable software for enterprising business owners in retail and wholesale distribution. Retail Core software can be installed to totally work offline as a desktop application or totally online from cloud server or in hybrid mode offline-online and multiple locations supported. Retail Core builds on proven technologies without compromising on security and reliability. Organizations and companies reliable and fully supported technologies.

Product Feature
Retail Core is a POS Software arm of SEEDCORE GROUP a software, website, e-commerce development company driven by a team of technology professionals passionate to develop & design software to be simple & accurately so the business owner can work with confidence & be in control. Provides you with exhibition mode, track stock & sales summary, physical stock reconciliation. Consignment module for sales tracking of B2B sales, outstanding payments. E-Commerce portal for integrated Retail Core software with the website.
Billing & Invoicing Software - Easy to use billing / invoicing to be used single or multiple locations. Recall product by barcode scan or product name. Capture customer information/ GSTIN or instant customer search, send SMS to the customer, mention dispatch / transport, payment methods, notes/remarks, convert order to bill, capture GST, mention discounts and more.
Inventory Control Software - Control to you is easy. Easily manage products with unique barcode, HSN/SAC code, SKU, product name. Instant search of product by barcode scan. Set low/out of stock alert; product expiry alert. Get accurate inventory info by product category, size, brand, location, supplier & more. Clear reports are available for print or email or excel.
Barcode Level Support - Offered software supports flexible label size for the barcode / price tag. The customer can either use dedicated barcode label printer or A4 sticker paper for laser printer. One can show all required product detail on the label. Barcode generated by the software can be scanned by any barcode laser or ccd scanner. EAN 13 GS1 Barcode is supported.
Stock Management Software - Stock is the company’s investment and Seedcore group make sure customer has accurate control of it. Get quick stock report with stock valuation in print or email format. Take physical stock audit by doing barcode scan. Filter stock by category, supplier, and other values. Doing product inward is simple, capture inward, charges / expenses and supplier Challan information.
Full backup and restore - Peace of mind for you. The retail core software does an auto backup of your full software data instantly. Your backup can be stored on external media or uploaded to your cloud storage. The backup file name has date & time, so you can restore it with ease. The customer can also easily set up automatic back of offline data to online cloud storage.
User Restrictions - Retail POS software can limit the actions and access of data to your employees in the different sections of the software. The customer can control the amount that your staff can discount and control the permissions to other sections / reports of the software that you would not want them to view.
Reporting - Reports can be exported to excel file, send by email or can be accessed online for monitoring, output can be used with other accounting software. Extensive range of default reports available viz. GST1, GST2, tax, customers, suppliers, payments, expenses, products, sales, stock, audit and more.
Book Keeping - Fully automatic transaction recording, based on sales and inventory information. Instant search with adjustable date range for filtering of transactions. Get detail report on daily income, GST/ tax, credit and debit, expense, cash book. Export all data within an adjustable date range to excel or csv file formats.

About the Company
Retail Core is part of SEEDCORE GROUP, strategic E-commerce consultancy & implementation company. We shall reap what we sow. Hence our founding principle is to work hard to sow the seeds of excellent service, constantly improving our technical & logical problem solving skills with the objective to make valuable additions to our customer's business in a changing world.

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