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RPlus Billing Management Software is one of the best billing software with all automated features in it. When we talk about feature of RPlus Billing Software Management first of all we should know the special features of RPlus Billing Software Management. There are some features unique and very useful features which are not available in the market.



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R Plus have many software products like R Plus CRM, AMC Management Software, Complaint Management Software, Stock Management Software, Point of Sale Software, Billing Software, Accounting Software, Attendance Software, Service ERP and our other services like website and E-Commerce development.
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Under this bill menu we can add the invoice for the sales and for what the invoice is prepared entire details could be maintained in this invoice bill. And the payment option helps to convert the invoice to payment mode which reduce the work of filling the details again into the payment page. If the Invoice is under installment payment mode, when the payment is made against to the same bill then there is no need to fill all the details again just have to click thr retrive button which automatically retrive all the previous payment details and their current outstanding against the bill. A invoice pdf created and you can take print out of that invoice or you can email that to the customer or you can save as pdf. You can customize the fields like terms and conditions of invoice, company information and water mark in settings page. You can also create new invoice without creating quotation.

Under this payment module we can manage the payment details. From whom the payment is made, if the payment is under installment then software will retrive the previous payment made and the current outstanding against to that particular bill. There will be an unlimited payment details made by the customers but there will be no interaction between the data. Completely perfect data is retrived and you can even export data in a microsoft Excel sheet for your verifications.

  • COMPLAINTS: A complaints management is a staged way of receiving, recording, processing, responding to and reporting on complaints and using them to improve services and decision-making. It specifies the stages and are of responsibility for managing complaints. OPEN COMPLAINTS: This Open Complaint tell the administrator totally how many complaints have been not attended. This helps to assign an engineer to this complaint and could managed.
  • PENDING COMPLAINTS: This feature will completely explain how much complaints are still there to solve and this will helps to keep an alert to rectify the problems of customers.
  • VIEW COMPLAINTS: This view complaints helps to view the overall complaints received from the customers and even from the overall category
  • NEW COMPLAINTS: This feature will tell how many complaint have recently entered so that depend upon the time limited each complaint could be rectified by the time given.
  • Quotation Report.
  • AMC Report.
  • One Time Service Report.
  • AMC Service Report.
  • Invoice Report.
  • Complaint Report.
  • Expense Report.
  • Purchase Report.
  • Stock Report.
  • TG Report.
  • TG Bill Report.
  • Rental Report.
  • Rental Bill Report.
  • Outstanding Report.
  • Pass Book.

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RPlus Billing Management


  • AMC Management
  • Invoicing
  • Billing
  • Quotation
  • Service Management
  • Payment Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Reminders
  • Online Payment


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