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About RSL Milk Management

Milk Dairy Software is an exclusive dairy management software, which can be operated in multi-languages such as Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Tamil etc. The software is designed to automatically collect SNF (solids-not-fat) FAT of milk from the milk analyzer machine. In addition, it helps to keep a track of purchase orders, purchase invoices, purchase return, purchase sales order, stocks, etc.

Sold By : RSL

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RSL Milk Management Features

A written sales contract between buyer and seller detailing the exact merchandise or services to be rendered from a single vendor. It will specify payment terms, delivery dates, item identification, quantities, shipping terms and all other obligations and conditions. Purchase orders are generally preprinted, numbered documents generated by the retailer's financial management system which shows that purchase details have been recorded and payment will be made.
A commercial document or bill presented to a buyer by a seller or service provider for payment within a stated time frame that indicates what has been purchased, in what amount and for what price. A purchase invoice can be used to prove that something was bought and how much was paid for it.
A purchase return occurs when a buyer returns merchandise that it has purchased from a supplier.Under the periodic inventory system, the cost of the merchandise that was returned is recorded as 1) a credit to the general ledger account. Purchase Returns or the account Purchase Returns and Allowances and 2) a debit to Accounts Payable. (The supplier/seller will record the return with a debit to Sales Returns and a credit to Accounts Receivable.)
A seller-generated document that authorizes sale of the specified item(s), issued after receipt of a customer's purchase order. A sales order usually implies that there will be no additional labor or material cost incurred for the sale, except where it is used to initiate a production process.
When a consumer is not satisfied with a product and expects to receive the full amount paid for the product.
The sales invoice is perhaps the most common document in the business world. It is an important record for both the seller and the client, and it's an essential element in the management and bookkeeping of any business.
Day book means where we keep records of daily transactions whatever we receive n paid & in ledger we keep record of a particular client.
Stock management is the function of understanding the stock mix of a company and the different demands on that stock. The demands are influenced by both external and internal factors and are balanced by the creation of Purchase order requests to keep supplies at a reasonable or prescribed level.
All business periodically tabulate the debit and credit balance separately in a statement to see whether the total of debit balances agrees with the total of credit balances or not. such a statement is known as trial balance.

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