Rugtek BP03 - IV

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About Rugtek BP03 - IV

What is Rugtek BP03 - IV?

Rugtek BP03 - IV is a 4-inch long combo device with a Bluetooth Receipt & Label Printer. This high-performance receipt cum printer device is used across various industries and is capable of printing courier receipts or labels, utility transport tickets, lottery tickets, traffic offence receipts, and others. This printer cum receipt is quite useful for retail stores, courier service providers, parking lots, restaurant staff serving at the tables and for carrying out visitor management operations efficiently.

What are the Specifications of Rugtek BP03 - IV?

  1. Print Width: 104mm
  2. Paper Width: 40mm/110mm
  3. Label Dispenser: Yes
  4. Print Resolution: 203dpi
  5. Print Method: Direct Thermal
  6. Printing Speed: 90mm/sec
  7. Interface: Micro USB (Optional Bluetooth, WiFi)
  8. RAM: 8MB
  9. Media Sensor: Continuous Receipt, Black Mark Sensor and Label Gap
  10. Battery Capacity: 4000 mAH
  11. Dimension: 150.5 (Width) x 134 (Depth) x 60 (Height)

Pricing of Rugtek BP03 - IV

Rugtek BP03 - IV is available at a price of ₹34,000. To get your product, you can request us a callback by hitting the ‘Consult with Expert’ button. Our sales team will guide you through the buying process and provide additional product details.

What are the Benefits of Rugtek BP03 - IV?

  1. Flexible Compatibility Options: The device is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including CPCL, Win7/8/10 and even the older version of Windows - WinXP. Moreover, it is compatible with mobile devices, both for Android and iOS. Rugtek BP03 - IV also provides the support for ESC/POS, which is compatible with a set of commands. This makes way for instant compatibility with one’s existing POS systems.
  2. Additional Support: Rugtek BP03 - IV supports all kinds of 1D, 2D and QR barcode readers. Also, it provides multi-language support for easy accessibility.
  3. Fast Charging: This receipt cum printer comes with a fast charger, with a 5V/3A adapter, and is capable of refilling 30% of the battery within 10 minutes. Besides, it has a battery capacity of 4000 mAH.
  4. Dual-mode Interface: The product is compatible with both the USB and Bluetooth modes, and even has an optional WiFi mode. It helps print high-quality labels with ease.
  5. Durable: Rugtek BP03 - IV is water and dust resistant and can work in the extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

Sold By : Rugtek

Get Rugtek BP03 - IV support 23 Chatting right now

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Rugtek BP03 - IV Features

Rugtek BP03 - IV supports the paper width of 40mm/110mm and the print width of 104mm.
The device comes with a dual connectivity mode of USB and Bluetooth. Moreover, there is an optional WiFi connectivity system, allowing you to get connected to your printer instantly and securely.
The product is compatible with Bluetooth and USB, as well as an optional Wi-Fi mode.  
You can store Rugtek BP03 - IV at a temperature range of -20℃ — 70℃. The working temperature is between 0℃ to 40℃. The humidity storage range, on the other hand, is 5% — 95% and the working humidity is between 20% to 85%.  

Get Rugtek BP03 - IV support23 Chatting right now

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Rugtek BP03 - IV Specifications


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Rugtek BP03 - IV FAQs

Rugtek BP03 - IV works on a drop-in paper loading mechanism that helps you to make paper changes seamlessly and on-the-go.
Yes, Rugtek BP03 - IV comes with LED light indications to alert or remind users of the printer status and even has a simple and intuitive interface. These features make one’s printer navigation experience fast and easy.
Yes, you can get an online demo session for Rugtek BP03 - IV, in which our technical team will show you how to get started with the product. You simply need to click on the ‘Get Free Demo’ button and schedule your date and timing as per your convenience.
Yes, with Rugtek BP03 - IV, you can save paper by reducing usage by up to 23 percent. Besides, the device provides its users with convenient and hassle-free label printing solutions.
Rugtek BP03 - IV also allows continuous printing of 200mtrs paper in a single charge. Moreover, it offers convenient paper loading facilities and comes with Label Sensing or Black Mark Paper Receipt functions.

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