Rugtek CD-3200U

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About Rugtek CD-3200U

What is Rugtek CD-3200U? 

Rugtek CD-3200U is a 2D barcode scanner designed with a small stand for easy positioning on the table. The barcode reading device helps launch millions of pixels for instant “2D QR Bat Code” scanning. It has a unique design that allows users to capture barcode scans through mobile screens and even curved surfaces. Users can place the scanner on a table or platform and simply scan the barcodes by placing the code under the scan. The machine will generate a beep sound to alert the user if the barcode is scanned properly.

Advantages of using Rugtek CD-3200U

  1. The barcode scanner is compatible with BT scanners.
  2. It ensures wire-free operations as it connects with PC systems through a virtual serial port.
  3. Designed to be used for point of sale operations, airport check-ins, logistical companies. 
  4. It has an easy plug n’ play feature for effective working with mobiles and tablets. 

Technical Specifications for Rugtek CD-3200U

Here are the system configurations for Rugtek CD-3200U:

  1. Image (in pixels):  640(H) x 480(V)
  2. Light Source: 617 nm LED for aiming, 6500K LED for illumination
  3. Depth of Field: 40 ~ 200 nm at UPC/EAN 13 mil
  4. Barcode Decode: 2D and 1D barcode detections
  5. Scanning Angle: Angle of Elevation - 65⁰, Declination - 55⁰, Corner - 30⁰
  6. Read Resolution: lesser than equal to 5 mil
  7. Print Contract: lesser than equal to 25% 

What is the price of Rugtek CD-3200U? 

The price of Rugtek CD-3200U is ₹ 6,499/- per unit. For more detail, you can request a call back and connect with our sales experts. 

Sold By : Rugtek

Get Rugtek CD-3200U support 21 Chatting right now

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Rugtek CD-3200U Features

This barcode scanning device can scan both barcodes and QR codes for smooth operations.
Rugtek CD-3200U covers a wide range of barcodes for a device in this price range.
Users can plug and play the barcode scanner with their mobile phones and tablets for smooth working.
Rugtek CD-3200U is a wireless device as it uses a virtual serial port for connection.

Get Rugtek CD-3200U support21 Chatting right now

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Rugtek CD-3200U Specifications


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Rugtek CD-3200U FAQs

The physical dimensions of Rugtek CD-3200U are 173 mm X 67 mm X 94 mm (L X W X H) and weighs roughly around 220 grams (with cable).
Rugtek CD-3200U has an IP level of IP54 with 3 meters drop in durability at 1 lakh lux.
This barcode scanner requires 5 V on DC current at 170 mAh.
Rugtek CD-3200U has a bi-coloured red and blue LED light as a visual indicator and a small beep buzzer as an audio indicator.
Rugtek CD-3200U uses a TTL-232 communication interface along with the USB.

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