Rugtek RP76 - III

Sold by : Rugtek


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About Rugtek RP76 - III

What is Rugtek RP76 - III

Rugtek RP76 - III is a 9 pins serial dot matrix POS receipt printing machine, supported by an easy paper loading technology. The device is suitable for restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, departmental stores and kitchen businesses. Rugtek RP76 - III offers a printing speed of 4.4 lines per second along with 2.1 lines per second bi-direction printing. Users also get access to DC24V, 6LineRJ-11 Sector Cash Drawer Port by using Rugtek RP76 - III. The printer supports 76x80 mm impact paper roll and high-quality white paper, along with manual tearing or auto-cutter technology. Further, the open alarm, overheating protection, paper out alarm and black mark detection services provided by the device are of great help to its users.

What are the technical specifications of Rugtek RP76 - III?

  1. Item Code: Rugtek RP76 - III
  2. Interface: USB, Parallel, Serial, Ethernet
  3. Printer Dimension: The device has a dimension of 250mm*156mm*128mm.
  4. Double Colour printing: Optional
  5. Ribbon Cassette: Black, brown, red double ribbon
  6. Environmental Parameters: Rugtek RP76 - III is capable of working at a temperature of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. It can be stored at a temperature of 20 to 60 degrees Celsius. 
  7. Mechanical Reliability: 7.5 million lines
  8. Paper Loading Technology: Easy 
  9. Printing Head: 1.5 million words
  10. Power: 2.5A, DC24V
  11. Cutter: 1Million times

Pricing of Rugtek RP76 - III

Rugtek RP76 - III is available at a price of ₹12,500. If you send us a call back request, our product experts will connect with you for further assistance.

What are the benefits of using Rugtek RP76 - III?

  1. Inbuilt Media Sensor: Rugtek RP76 - III features an inbuilt media sensor that can easily detect gaps between labels, black marks and print receipts in a continuous manner. It aims to ease out the whole process, enabling its users to focus on other important POS related operations.
  2. Support: The device supports standard level3 font,16 x 16 dots, ASCII- 7x9 dots and 9 x 9 dots for western languages.
  3. Tolerant to extreme conditions: The printer can tolerate extreme temperature levels and dirt, enabling its users to operate it in industrial areas as per their needs and convenience.
  4. WiFi and Bluetooth compatible: Rugtek RP76 - III can be connected to any system via WiFi or Bluetooth, enabling the users to take printouts as per their needs.

Sold By : Rugtek

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Rugtek RP76 - III Features

Users can insert paper rolls having a width of 76mm*0.5mm within their Rugtek RP76 - III.
Rugtek RP76 - III offers Ethernet, Serial, Parallel and USB based interface.
The device can print 4.4. Lines per second enabling its users to take quick print outs of invoices and receipts for their customers, thus avoiding long waiting lines during peak hours.
Rugtek RP76 - III has a physical dimension of 250mm*156mm*128mm and weighs 2250g approx (exclusive of the paper rolls within it).  

Get Rugtek RP76 - III support25 Chatting right now

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Rugtek RP76 - III Specifications


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Rugtek RP76 - III FAQs

Rugtek RP76 - III is a dot matrix printing device that offers 9 pins serial impact printing technology powered by easy paper loading options.
Rugtek RP76 - III offers a 203dpi resolution along with a printing speed of 4.4 lines per second.
Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo for Rugtek RP76 - III. You just need to send us a demo request mentioning your preferred time and date.
The device runs on DC24V+10, 2.5A power input and includes 1A, DC24V, 6LineRJ-11 Sector cash drawer port as well.
Rugtek RP76 - III detects black marks and hummers in a seamless manner. The open alarm and paper out alarm offered by the device are also of great help. Further, it also offers the protection against overheating.

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