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Easy to use and user friendly campus erp software helps in managing and solving the most complex tasks in educational administration. The on premise based software fulfils all entire administrative and academic requirements. It also facilitates smooth management of fee, payroll, attendance, certificates, hostel and stores. It proves to be a true education management system software.

Product Features

  • College ERP is a modernistic way to administer smooth operations in the educational institutions including fee, attendance, payroll, hostel, library, stores and accounts management. This innovative software solution allows the organizations to control and manage functioning of various departments effortlessly without any paperwork and filing. The software is a quick fix for all issues pertaining to the efficient functioning of the educational institutions.The eminent features of College ERP constitute:
  • Fee Management: Various fee related aspects including student wise due fee, course wise due fee, course and hostel fee calculation and collection are automated features. Various reports can be readily generated with accuracy such as year wise fee due, daily collection, monthly collection, year wise collection, hostel fee details and collections.
  • Library management: Library stocks, issues and returns with complete details of transactions of books can be recorded and managed effectively here.
  • Attendance Management: It is now simpler to keep attendance records and track absenteeism with the user friendly attendance management module.
  • Payroll management: Staff pay structuring and calculation is no more a complex task. The adjustment of leaves, deductions, TDS, and perks can be managed effortlessly with the payroll management module of College ERP. The solution has made record of the staff attendance, and generation of various reports quick and easy.
  • Hostel Management: Management of hostel accommodation including room allocation, room de-allocation, room capacity, and hostel capacity is feasible using the simple interface. Various reports such as vacant bed and room transfer can be generated as and when required for better tracking of the hostel operations.
  • Store Management: This module deals with activities and operations such as maintaining stock ledger, item wise closing stock, department wise issue register, employee issue ledger, etc.
  • Accounting: Generating the account statements, group summary, outstanding report, day books, trial balance, P&L account and balance sheet management is just few clicks away with the interactive Accounting module.
  • Certificate: Management of records pertaining to issue of certificates including character certificates is facilitated by the Certificate module.

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Shubham Software Solution is an innovative company which provides holistic softwares, IT enabled services and solutions like web development, web designing, product promotion, e-commerce, etc to almost every sector. The company endeavors to benefit various industries with magnificent software solutions globally. With a team of well-qualified IT professionals with hands-on experience in software development, the company aims at providing utmost customer satisfaction with innovative software solutions.
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Features of Shubham Software College ERP

Department Wise Monthly Salary, Bank Letter, PF Report Certificates, Attendance Record, Leave Record.

Student wise & Course wise Fee Due, Year wise Fee Due. Daily Collection, Monthly Collection. Course, Branch, Year Wise Collection. Hostel Fee Detail.

Student Wise Subject Wise Attendance Record, Student Wise Subject Wise Attendance Percentage. Employee Attendance Record Support through Bio Matrix & Barcoder.

Student Information, Employee Information. Book Detail Reports, Issue Detail. Staff wise Issue Register, Student Wise Issue Register, Book Due Report on Student, Book Due Report on Staff. SMS To Students For Due Book.

Room Allocation, Room D-Allocation, Room Capacity, Hostel Capacity, Vacant Bed Report, Room Transfer Report.

Account Statement, Group Summary, Outstanding Report, Day Book, Trial Balance, P & L, Balance Sheet.

  • Stock Ledger
  • Item Wise Closing Stock
  • Department Wise Issue Register
  • Employee Issue Ledger
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Character Cetificate
  • etc.

Shubham Software College ERP plans and pricing

On Premise

College ERP

Rs. 20000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Stock Ledger
  • Item Wise Closing Stock
  • Department Wise Issue Register
  • Employee Issue Ledger
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Character Cetificate

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Shubham Software College ERP Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Shubham Software College ERP

Q. What is campus management software?

campus management software effectively manages the complex and labored task of day-to-day academic and administrative management. ... Campus Management software enables institutes to share information through a streamlined system that is well integrated

Q. Why campus management software is used?

Colleges and universities of every size and mission are uniting departments and campuses, achieving goals for recruitment and retention, centralizing and automating financial aid and other administrative processes, and improving student services.

Q. Difference between campus ERP and school ERP?

  • Assessment:- The assessment process is one of the major differences between School and Colleges. In school, there is only this simple pass and fail concept, but college this concept is elaborated in three steps which convey different rules and regulations to pass and fail any student. In School ERP, status of each student is defined by the pass and fail on the basis of class, but in College ERP, status of each student is defined on each subject, for instance, it can be Pass, or have backlog in some subject and some also do have ATKT, this make the assessment module different from School’s assessment module.
  • Attendance:- Attendance system of school and college varies in a major way. In school attendance system varies from school to school, for instance, some take only on time, some take twice during the first period and the second period. But college takes attendance in every subject individually and each of them is evaluated individually, not on the overall basis.
  • Batch:- In school majorly batches are divided yearly, but at the college level, this yearly system is diluted down to a semester system in which half yearly Even and Odd semester system is applied. This batch makes an impact directly and indirectly on the attendance and assessment section. Although it is not much ERP is to be designed compatible with the process and functionality of individual institutes.

Q. What are the benefits of campus management software?

Few are some benefits of campus management software

  • Increases productivity. The management system boosts the productivity of the institute.
  • Student-teacher collaboration.
  • Saves natural resources.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Increase in enrollment.
  • Transparency with parents increases.
  • Reduction in the cost of communication.
  • Reduces workload.

Q. What are the features of campus management software?

Features of campus management software:-

  • Admission Management
  • Alert
  • Alumni Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Course Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Examination & Assessment
  • Faculty & Staff Management
  • Fee Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Hostel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Library Management
  • Parent Portal
  • Scholarship & Financial Aid
  • Student Management
  • Transport Management
  • Visitor Management

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my pleasure to write a review for such good company


30th July, 2016

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Techjockey helped me very quickly narrow down a long, potential vendor list to a very short list that I could now work with. The vendors on the short list were very responsive and worked with my requirements and on my timeline. I definitely would use Techjockey again.
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Neelesh Kumar

economical & quick


23rd July, 2016

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • I was shopping for a software. I thought I was comparing products but had actually stumbled onto Techjockey website. At first I was surprised that someone contacted me, but the gentleman was very professional and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. I told him I was merely a consultant for another company and wouldn't make the ultimate purchase decision. After a brief phone interview, he gave me five choices, but also gave those five companies my contact information. Once you understand that this is Techjockey business model, then what follows makes sense. Some of the companies that followed up with me were super aggressive, super expensive, and very off-putting. I feel Techjockey is somewhat responsible for the out of our price range referrals, but again, once you understand how they get paid, if I chose an expensive option, they probably get paid more. But, referring super high end solution to us was unnecessary. However, we have narrowed down our choices to two companies that we probably would have never even heard of if it weren't for Techjockey, so kudos for that. Over all, not a bad experience. Just be prepared for an immediate onslaught from the companies they refer to you because you are now a golden, pre-qualified lead.
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