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Online Sales Management Software by Software Ocean is a complete package to manage sales life cycle efficiently including lead capturing, lead assignment, lead transfer and following up till the invoice generation. This online sales application helps to increase business revenue and meet sales targets due to its capabilities and long list of features. This leads management software or marketing and sales software not only handle all sales tasks but also ensures data security, even if the user leaves the organization. Businesses can simply block all access using access control or many are assign some additional responsibilities. Sales Performance Management is now easy with this user-friendly sales software supporting all widely used devices including mobiles, laptops, desktops and tablets.

Product Features
Online Sales Management Software is a leading edge automated solution empowering businesses with unmatchable features to manage entire sales cycle starting from getting the enquiry to generating the invoices. The software comes with informative dashboard and free installation. This mobile ready solution works perfect on all screen sizes including laptops, mobile phones, desktops and tablets. With global access, it can be used use anytime, anywhere. Customers are provided dedicated support during business hours to ensure satisfaction. Primary features of Online Sales Management software consist of:
  • Lead Basket: This unique feature will help remove biasness issues and equal distribution of leads among team members. Lead basket stores all new and existing customer information until it is not assigned to an executive. It allows executives to view and book (self-assign) leads based on their location.
  • Read Graphs: This feature displays current status right on the dashboard so that the executives are always aware of their current performance. Users can choose between table or graph format to view the status.
  • Manage Source: Source management enabled in this solution helps in adding or removing potential sources of leads. Source information is later used to track from where maximum leads and conversions are originating.
  • Access Control: Access control helps businesses to manage profile based roles and responsibilities. Executives can be given or revoked the access as and when required in just few clicks. This enforces only the authorized data access by the teams.
  • Calculate ROI: Return on investment show what all sources contributing to maximum business. Businesses can readily check out investment and compare with the business generated by a marketing source. The solution helps to ensure right investments are done at right time and in right project. ROI report can also be generated to create useful business insights and help in framing future strategy about investments.
  • Transfer Leads: Leads can be transferred from one executive to another within the solution effortlessly. With just a few clicks, all leads can be released and sent to common basket for re-distribution. 
About The Company
Software Ocean is an initiative of Softrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to provide quality software solution at affordable price.  As an independent brand Software Ocean develops common business software required by almost all industries. With extensive research and hand on experience for more than 5 years, it has developed renowned software applications to fulfil these requirements. Some of most sought software includes sales management software that helps in sales performance management and works as a lead capture software, visitor tracking software that keeps track of all incoming visitors in the office, client management software or CMS to manage customers, HRMS to manage employees online and billing software to create online invoice. The company endeavours to deliver best value for money application that helps to increase business performance.

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