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PayEdge is a user-friendly and flexible Payroll Software solution, which can help automate the complete payroll processing in an organization. The software provides users with the capability to enter, maintain, process and report on crucial payroll information. Payroll is a critical component of every business, as well as one of the most complicated. PayEdge is a powerful, in- house payroll solution.
Product Features

PayEdge is a simple, flexible and user friendly payroll management software that takes care of all your day-to-day processing requirements relating to accounting and management of employee’s payroll.
Below are some of the product features and benefits:
  • Employee Data Administration
    • Employee details
    • Keep track of important employee personal data
    • User defined grades based on employees
    • User defined designations
    • User defined earning and deduction
    • Holiday list based on branches
    • User defined leaves and its properties
    • Attendance and overtime controls
    • Asset transactions
    • Employee history analysis
  • Payroll Administration
    • User defined salary components and details
    • User defined pt slabs
    • Multiple pay day & pay mode
    • Arrears calculation (maintain month wise breakup)
    • Loan management
    • Bonus and gratuity management
    • Earnings/deductions updates
    • Statutory compliance (PF, ESI, PT AND TDS)
    • Audit controls (check attendance & salary variance)
    • Hold or release of salary
    • F&F settlement
    • Salary release letters archiving
    • Bank transfer letters archiving
    • e-mailing facility for Payslips
    • Lock Salary Transactions
  • Income Tax
    • Income tax configuration
    • IT declaration
    • Tax computation
    • Form-16, Form -16A
  • Statutory Reports
    • Monthly PF Report
    • Yearly PF Register
    • PF Forms 3A
    • PF Form 5
    • PF Form 6A
    • PF Forms 10
    • PF Form 12 A
    • Form 7
    • Form 5
    • Form 10
    • Form 12A
    • Form C
  • General Reports
    • Salary Register
    • Variance Register
    • Gross summary statement
    • CTC summary statement
    • Full and final settlement register
    • Arrears register
    • Leave register
    • Summary of earnings/deductions
    • Employee wise leave details
    • Employee wise cost to the company
    • Division wise summary report
    • Income tax
    • Statutory reports
    • General reports
    • Income tax configuration
    • It declaration
    • Tax computation
    • Form-16, form -16a
    • Grade wise summary report                  
    • Pt deduction report
    • Monthly leave register
    • Muster roll
    • Month-wise bonus report
    • Employee history
    • Birth dates reports
    • Bonus provision report
    • Incentive provision report
    • Medical provision report
    • Lta provision report
    • El provision report
  • Appraisal
    • Promotion & increment details
    • Employee track history
    • Suggesting promotions based on achievements and remarks
    • Training & performance management
    • User defined training needs for selected designation
    • Managing employee wise training records
    • Managing Employee wise achievements/remarks 
About The Company
SourceEdge is an IT Outsourcing, Software Solutions and Service provider headquartered at Bangalore, India. With an indomitable spirit to succeed, SourceEdge made a modest start in the year 2004 from a small office with a team of six. Today, with over a hundred people family, SourceEdge has come a long way with continued inspiration that sustained business growth, nurturing relationship with customers and fostering company’s skilled people for excellence in works.

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