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Spine Animation

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About Spine Animation

What is Spine Animation?

Spine Animation is a widely popular animation software designed for 2D gaming industries.  The software animators to create working 2D models and smooth game operations. It helps animators to materialize their ideas and create interactive video games. 

The software provides free-form deformation that enables animators to move individual mesh vertices to deform the images. This deform allows meshes to squash, bounce, bend, and stretch that is not possible with rectangular images.

Spine Animation provides a preview of the in-game animation for self-examination purposes. It helps animators to cross-check their game animations with the preview feature. Spine Animation is a highly recommended software for 2D game developers. 

What are the benefits of Spine Animation?

Here are few benefits of Spine animation listed below for better understanding: 

  1. Spine animations save only the bone data of the animation which reduces the file size and enables animators to work more on the other features of the game like, controls, motions, etc.
  2. This animation software requires much fewer art inputs and offers animators to spend resources on the game’s mechanics. 
  3. Spine Animation utilizes interpolation to keep the animation and game design smooth and rendering easy. 

What is the price of Spine Animation? 

Spine Animation is available in two different plans: 

  1. Essential – Rs. 4968/- 
  2. Professional – Rs. 21528/-

For further inquiries, please request a call and our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sold By : Esoteric Software

Get Spine Animation support 16 Chatting right now

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Spine Animation Features

Dopesheet is the workplace for animators. It offers a comprehensive view of all the timelines that constitutes in an animation. Animators can create their characters on Dopesheet. 
This graph depicts Bezier curves for interpolation among keys, enabling life-like movement. 
Spine Animation allows animators to see a preview of their animation before final rendering.
The software provides textures that animators can add to their characters. 
Spine Animation exports PNG images which is a lossless image format. It provides transparency in editing without compromising in quality. 
Animators can set constraints to animate using inverse kinematics and the pose tool uses multi-bone inverse kinematics to quickly pose a skeleton. 
Spine Animation helps in creating 2D games.   

Get Spine Animation support16 Chatting right now

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Spine Animation Specifications


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Spine Animation FAQs

Spine Animation uses on-premise based data storage, i.e., it saves all the data in the PC.
Here are the system requirements for Spine Animation: - Operating System: Windows Vista or higher, MacOS 10.7.3 - Processor: Compatible with OpenGL 2.0 or higher with FBO extension
Spine Animation requires internet connection for the installation, activation, and upgradation of the software.
Spine Animation does not provide updates for free. You will have to purchase the updates separately.

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