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About Suchan T.FAT ERP

T.FAT is a powerful high-end ERP system. It's the best manufacturing erp software India that enhances productivity with modular, flexible and highly versatile structure. The software can be used across various small to medium scale manufacturing industries. The software has faster implementation capabilities and helps manage the unit effectively with functionalities for all operations across the organization.

Suchan T-Fat manufacturing erp modules

  • Rate Analysis - A master database to define the Inputs, Rates, and Resources of the project. Based on this analysis, the user arrives at the schedule of rates. Estimating all resources to be used in any project. After integrating all resources, we arrive at the rate for one unit of item/work/activity.
  • Project Setup - On importing the dimensions from the architectural design, it is possible to get the estimate for the current project. This indicates the quantum of resources viz. Material, Labour, Assets/machinery, Time & Tenders and Worksheet with Terms & Conditions.
  • Project module facilitates builders and contractors to evaluate the project – stage wise, slab wise work group wise and issue tenders, Comparing tenders item-wise & short-listing contractors. Tracking actual work completion with progressive images for proper billing.
    • It provides the vital statistics on the project viz. land area, total cost, land cost, total no. of floor and approved no. of floor and start and estimated end date of project.
    • Descriptive details on the project handlers from Engineers in charge right up to labour level. Viz. Name, Designation, Project, job profile, responsibilities, accountability, rates, etc.
    • Analysis: It helps to analyze the project stage-wise, block-wise and wing-wise. E.g. Analysis type: Stage wise >Analysis Head: First floor > Here we will add activities for the particular stage and we can even call for quotation for particular stage.
  • Estimation / Planning and Scheduling - It helps to prepare a time schedule for the project. It undertakes time management and estimation of project.
    • Estimate for a project is based on Job Activity as well as Stages (phases) of work, covering inbuilt
    • Costing fixed & variable for Material, Machinery, Labour & other overhead costs.
    • It allows alteration of Material type, Machinery or Labour for revising the estimate.
    • Provides detailed Cost & Daily/Weekly/Monthly Material Requirement Planning.
    • Tenders/Quotation preparation/alteration; Issue/Receipt; Auto Data Import from soft copy & Auto
    • Compare (L1, L2 etc.) for approval & execution.
    • Facility to export/import its resources to Excel/MS Project or others for analysis.
  • Projected cash flow - This is an actual as well as estimated cash flow of the project which shows the Source and Application of Funds in detail at any stage. Critical Activities Chart - This indicates the sequential & progressive chart of work-flow stage-wise, day-wise, activity wise. Viz. After the base work it indicates the next activity (with or without gap days required) based on this chart, next activity will be gauged. Material Management Module
    • It helps to make an easy flow of material in the project.
    • Facilitates lots of checks and controls, i.e. document awaiting Approval/NOC/QCLabour
    • Management Module - It is also called work progress system or sub-contractor billing and follows certain flow.
    • Comparison
    • Work Order
    • Labour strength
    • Measurement Book: It helps to know the actual progress of the estimated work.
    • Bill
    • Advance
    • MIS Assets/Equipment Management
    • Management of Owned / Hired Assets / Machinery
    • Schedule of Service/ Maintenance - Machine-wise & Period/schedule wise
    • EMI / Periodic payment schedules for Loans / AMCs etc
    • Project wise usage of machinery
    • Request/Transfer/Issue Entry
    • Hire Order/ Advance/ Inward-Outward Entry
    • Running-Detail/Usage Production Entry
    • Own-Hire/maintenance Bill Entry
    • Idle/Repair, Breakdown/ Facility Entry,
    • Capitalize/Scrap/Depreciation Entry.
  • Registers
    • Request/ Transfer/ Issue/ Stock – Registers
    • Hire/Order, Advance, Inward-Outward Register
    • Running Detail, Usage, Production – Register
    • Hire Bill, Maintenance Bill, Consumable Issue, Own Asset Hire Bill Register
    • Idle/Repair, Breakdown, Facility Register
    • Capitalize/Scrap/Depreciation Register
    • Term Loan, Hire Payment –
  • RegisterMIS Reports:
    • Cost centre-wise, Project-wise
    • Cost Report, Utilization, Fuel Consumption, Material Consumption,
    • Production Plant –Cost/Stock
    • Asset Tracking Report
    • Asset Item History of Individual/Group Work Progress and Client Billing
    • Work progress is updated through M-Book / Sub Contractor Bills.
    • Keeps track of completed quantity and generates various deviation reports.
    • Estimated/Actual/Theoretical Comparison Report with actual issue of materials.
    • Running Bills for the clients based on the user defined bill format covering scheduled items, non - scheduled items, Material supply, TDS, Advances, Retentions, Recoveries etc for cumulative, till last bill and current. Generates deviation reports by comparing Estimated, Completed & Billed items.
  • Billing Setup
    • Matching Contractors Bills with actual work done for approval.
  • Reports:
    • Estimate v/s Bill v/s Actual
    • Multi stage Approval by passing authority before acceptance in Financial Accounts.
    • Cost centre wise, Project wise, Phase wise.
    • Receipt Entry / Register with Outstanding analysis.

Sold By : Suchan Software

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Suchan T.FAT ERP Features

T.FAT ERP Financial, T.FAT ERP Manufacturing, T.FAT ERP CRM (Customer Relation Management), T.FAT ERP Sales & Distribution, T.FAT ERP Document Manager, T.FAT ERP Report Manager, T.FAT ERP Messaging and Task Management system, T.FAT ERP Payroll, T.FAT ERP Fixed Assets Management, T.FAT ERP Import Management, T.FAT ERP Export Management, T.FAT ERP Banking Management, T.FAT ERP statutory Req. Management
T.FAT ERP is designed to accommodate the needs of large and small business. It takes in view to overcome the shortcomings of existing business management software. Apart from enhanced security features, T.FAT ERP provides a very user-friendly interface. T.FAT ERP is developed based on the ongoing feedback received from top-level management executives to End-users. All the minute information, provided by end-user is taken into consideration for betterment of the product.
AddOns are special user defined LIVE field which can be used in any Report using Formula. a unique feature allowing you to customise software DATA Fields which are not there in the Software by default. Multi?Level Authorisation of any transaction which is also Time Bound. Activity based Document Approval. Automatic Reminder by SMS or Email of any transaction or C Form Reminder, Due Date Payment Reminder, Order Acceptance Etc. Auto Bank Reconciliation. Auto Task Creation based on Emails Send. User Friendly Document Designer. Query Based Report Designing Tool. Profit Centre /Cost Centre Concept. User Rights for different user level. Auto Job Scheduler

Get Suchan T.FAT ERP support34 Chatting right now

Buy Suchan T.FAT ERP1149 People added this product in their cart

Call for Suchan T.FAT ERP demo2527 People requested to call back

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