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Payroll Management by Sunrise Software Development is an ideal software solution for Attendance and Payroll Management. It is quite easy to learn, user friendly to operate and powerful in performance. Attendance and Payroll Management software covers all activities and transactions of time office and human resource department to give you desired result in time. The software solution is broadly accepted by corporate and is being used by hundreds of smart HR professionals to manage their work in a smart, efficient and easy way. The solution provides full support during complete software implementation life cycle.

Product Features
Payroll Management is a holistic solution that takes into account the process of managing HR and payroll in an organization. The solution is easy to deploy and use and caters to almost all requirements of an organization towards managing the Human resources of an organizations. Below are certain features of the solution which makes it easy to use:
  • Company Master - Allows defining & managing multiple companies and its essential information from a single interface
  • Department Master - Helps manage company wise department list
  • Miscellaneous Master - A small but very useful module to manage multiple values of various fields from a single window such as list of City, State, Degrees, Designations, Grades, Blood Groups, Payment Modes, etc.
  • Employee Master - A well-structured employee master form allows you to manage and access complete details of employee in easiest manner.
  • Leave Master - Helps manage leave and leave policy in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Holiday master - Helps define public holidays and non working days in a payroll system. A user can manage this company and department wise too.
  • Shift master - A user can define N numbers of shifts along with time-office policies easily.
  • Loan/advance master - Now it’s easy to manage loans and advances given to the employees. A user can activate or deactivate loans exclusively too.
  • Professional Tax master - Lets the user manage professional tax slab and tax amount on their own
  • Policy/Forms Master - Newly integrated module allows saving all company policies, forms or important documents (of any format file) in software so that a user can access it anytime easily.
  • Resume master - A very useful module for HR in which you can store full details of candidates (interviewees) along with resume so that a user can get right details at right time. It saves time, money, effort and gives true peace during manpower recruitment process.
  • Automatic punch process - Helps record punched data from attendance devices (RFID, Fingerprint, Face Reader, etc.) and process it into payroll software as per time office policies automatically
  • Manual Punch process - This module allows to upload punching data from excel and enter manually as well in case of unavailability of attendance machine
  • Leave entry - Leave and tour application module is designed to record employee leaves. It makes leave management task too easy.
  • Allowance / Deduction Entry - Helps record miscellaneous allowances and deductions here in very efficient manner.
  • Salary Process (Auto & Excel Based) - Helps process employees’ salary accurately, quickly and easily. A user can use excel based data or attendance machine’s punching data to process salaries.
  • Disciplinary Action Entry - To record various disciplinary actions taken against violence of any safety, company or other rules.
  • Shift Scheduling - This module enables to prepare shift schedule in software so that a user can track employee presence against schedule
  • Weekly off Change - This module enables to change employee weekly off in case company changes weekly off due to any circumstances.
About The Company
Sunrise Software Development is Software Development and Website Development Company in Surat, Gujarat, India. The company provides reliable, timely and affordable IT services such as software development, product development, website design & development and Bulk SMS solution. The company has extensive experience in software development and deployment across industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Jewellery Designing & Manufacturing, Retail, Manufacturing, Services and Product Development.

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