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TechAdvance Call Recording Solution

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About TechAdvance Call Recording Solution

What is TechAdvance Call Recording Solution? 

TechAdvance Call Recording Solution for call centres records every interaction made in a unified communications system, be it inbound or outbound calls. The software also helps businesses by providing a detailed statistical analysis on call history which is essential for customer service, task auditing, and compliance check-up purposes. This call recording solution allows businesses to setup a standard to work with and deliver quality services. The software integrates telephone, email, and various other online means of communication to streamline the employee monitoring process. It helps managers track whether the employees are conducting follow-up on time or not. 

TechAdvance Call Recording Solution is providing services to call centres since the last 15 years. It gets regularly updated with the latest technologies available that improves the. 

Call Recording Compliances with TechAdvance Call Recording Software for Business

TechAdvance helps companies adhere to regulatory compliances for call recording and ensuring the privacy of callers. Call recordings are saved in the software to be used as an evidence for addressing customers’ issues and ensuring that employees are complying with standard procedures. The software offers features to conduct telephonic payment through debit or credit cards without risking customer’s safety. It ensures that customer information is protected at every step some fraudulent attacks and identity theft. 

What are the features of TechAdvance Call Recording Software?

Here are some features offered by TechAdvance call recording system

  1. Call recording
  2. Daily call reporting
  3. Security compliance
  4. Business-specific functioning
  5. VoIP phone system
  6. Number routing
  7. Call centre solutions

What is the price of TechAdvance Call Recording Software for businesses? 

The price of TechAdvance depends on the scope of work at your call centre. Please request a call from our sales experts to get the best pricing plan.

Sold By : Tech Advance

Get TechAdvance Call Recording Solution support 33 Chatting right now

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TechAdvance Call Recording Solution Features

The software records and saves the calls made by the agents every day.
This call recording software for business maintains daily call logs for the agents, which help managers check the number of calls they are making at any given time.
Tech Advance offers complete security and regulatory compliance to ensure that there is no data leakage and disputes get settled easily.
The software provides an economical option for business owners to save money on call recording.
Users can receive automated follow-up requests to properly handle their customer relationships.
Tech Advance generates automated follow up requests for prospects in the marketing pipeline.

Get TechAdvance Call Recording Solution support33 Chatting right now

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TechAdvance Call Recording Solution Specifications


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TechAdvance Call Recording Solution FAQs

A. Tech Advance offers a cloud hosted call recording system.
A. Tech Advance prices depends on few factors, these are: 1. Number of agents to be monitored 2. Types of telephone lines 3. Features/modules required 4. Main purpose of the business
A. No, Tech Advance Call Recording Solution is not available for mobile phones as of now.
A. Tech Advance is available for a demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call for further requirements.
A. Tech Advance supports four major type of telephone lines, these are: 1. Analogue 2. ISDN 3.SIP 4. VoIP

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