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60,000 /year

  • AMC charges will be 25% of solution cost
  • Implementation charges: INR 2600/month for hosting and backup

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Mindz ERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including manufacturing, sales, purchases, inventory management, banking & general ledger etc. To meet requirements of maximum business in small to medium scale industries, the solution has been made available in both on cloud and on-site formats. Mindz ERP improves productivity, efficiency and customer responsiveness and provides better picture of operations of the company.

Product Features
ERP by TechnologyMindz is an effective way to manage Business resources and process. The tool is a comprehensive solution which is designed to manage business processes, functions and resources. The solution helps companies manage their production with the following features:
  • Single Source of Truth - The solution acts as a single source of truth for the company as it provides information pertaining to the most important aspects of business like product planning, product development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising and sales, inventory management, warehousing and shipping/logistics, purchase, accounting, etc.
  • Modular- The solution is highly modular as it allows further modules to be added basis need/requirements
  • Scalability - The technology of the solution makes it scalable as it can be scaled up to a bigger mass and when required and even to multiple geographies (in case of cloud deployment)
  • Technology - The tool has been built using cutting edge and industry leading technology, which makes it market relevant
  • Integration - The solution integrates various business chores which need to be looked at in order to deliver better, like production unit, procurement team and sales team. This makes the teams interact with each other through the tool itself and deliver effectively and efficiently.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)- The solution is one of the cost effective ones. It also has modules meeting requirements of related softwares, hence it helps save investment on other solutions as well.
  • Customizable- The solution is customizable enough as it can be tailored to fit a company’s specific business requirements, as and when needed.
  • Sales Pipeline Management - One of the most important task is to manage the pipeline and project an actual picture to the management
  • Forecasting - The tool helps forecast sales/inventory requirements and other variables to help the organization plan better and hence deliver effectively and efficiently.
About The Company
Technology Mindz is a software development company that has developed and implemented business management systems like ERP, CRM, HRM, etc. The company has delivered solutions that have helped companies boost revenues by acquiring more customers/win bigger accounts, increase productivity at reduced cost, build competitive edge over their competitors. The company provides support to clients on various platforms helping businesses perform better like ERP, Business analytics, CRM, applications development, etc. The company has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that work constantly for utmost client satisfaction.

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