About Till Restaurant POS

Powerful restaurant pos & management software that does it all. Till is a point-of-sale platform that provides affordable and easy to use software with actionable insights to help run and grow your business.



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About Till POS

Powerful Restaurant POS & Management software that does it all.till is a point-of-sale platform that provides affordable and easy to use software with actionable insights to help run and grow your business.
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Catalogue Management

Organize your products in levels of categories, sub-categories, and variant types. Customize your products’ availability and pricing at different Outlets, and Order type levels. Manage recipe and inventory for each product. All of the above within the structure of your Menu.

Inventory Management

Sell your products through any number of channels and manage your inventory from one central place. View Stock usage reports to track inventory at individual outlet, departments of kitchen, product type, and supplier levels.

Analytics & Reporting

Our sales reports cover 360 degrees of ground in sales. With reports for sales by summary, feed, item, product type, shift, staff, customer, discount, cancels, and refunds. Compare, and arrange the measures to suit your point of view by using functions such as split by, and sort by. Filter your findings within intervals of the date range and several other measures.

 Staff Management

Put uncertainty and discrepancies to rest by tracking Orders and Order actions at Staff level. Assign unique pin as an identity to each of your staff.

 Order Management

Manage your Orders from different source channels in their respective Order Types. Channel all your orders through one central Order Screen. Accept payments through any number of Payment Types of your choice. That's our 3 steps to Success.


Supplier Management

Create Suppliers and supplier products based on the unit of measure of the delivered product. Assign default suppliers to your products to auto-generate Purchase Orders when the products hit reorder point.

Multi Store

Manage all your outlets from one place yet with an ability to customize their set up individually. Create Global settings and customize at individual Outlet settings.

Plans and Pricing


Till restaurant POS

Rs. 15000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Point of Sale
  • catalog Management
  • Inventory Manageemnt
  • Manage staff
  • Customers
  • Analytics
  • Multi Store
  • Integration

Add Ons (Ingredient Inventory)

Rs. 6000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Manage all of your ingredient inventory all in one account
  • No more hassle

Add Ons (Staff Attendance)

Rs. 6000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Manage your daily operation better by assigning more employees to your business

Add Ons (Customer Marketing)

Rs. 6000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Reach More people. Till makes it easy to capture and intimate an ongoing conversation. Keep your business at the forefront of people‚Äôs minds.

Add Ons (Waiter App)

Rs. 6000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Waiter app lets the waiter take orders anywhere from the guests through smartphone device by using the mobile network without the help or need of wifi(Same) network.


Till POS is a cloud based mobile point-of-sale platform that collects data to provide actionable insights to grow businesses. These insights will help business owners make better informed decisions to increase sales and improve operations.


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