Torqus Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Torqus Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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1,600 /month

Other than above, following are the add on Modules:
  • Notification App- Basic starts at 200/month

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Restaurant Supply Chain Management can be defined as an active management system which lets your innovate strategies to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It is a software that lets you manage your entire network in real-time. It also helps manage your operations at a single/multiple central kitchen level, warehouse, or store.

Product Features
  • Access Control- It allows the user to selectively restrict and grant access to anybody and also enables customization of every button as per the needs of the user by eliminating problems concerned with theft, information leakage, technological mishaps, miscommunication, privacy violation, etc.
  • Centralized Ordering- Helps manage the optimum level of inventory of every single outlet in the restaurant chain. It lets you solve the problems related to wastage due to over ordering, as well as those associated with customer dissatisfaction due to under ordering.
  • Custom Reports- Determines the performance of your restaurant chain related to daily sales, rush hour sales, inventory, item wise sales, growth, home delivery, take away, income expense, etc.
  • Inventory & Logistics- Organises all your inventory data and provides details of stored goods, various forms of wastage, as well as floating inventory.
  • Manufacturing- This feature helps manufacturing by recipe–single & multi-level recipe management and manufacturing by process–single & multi-process management.
  • Procurement- Procurement feature of the SCM software lets you consolidate purchases of every franchise to generate a job sheet for the next day of business.
  • Intutive UX- Ensures that the user intuitively and easily reaches the goal on interacting with the software.

Add-On Module:
  • Notification App- Helps keep a tab on the functioning of their restaurant outlets in your absence through SMS notifications about discounts given, dishes cancelled, KOTs cancelled, amount refunded, VIP footfalls, etc.

About the Company:
Torqus aims at revolutionizing the restaurant business by providing businesses with an all-inclusive point of sale (POS) software with hassle free solutions that maximize the business at minimum cost. Software runs on the latest technology with intrinsic features that manage all your front end activities, providing you with the best care in terms of management, cost-effectiveness, security control, real-time support, technical backing, affordable pricing benefits, on-demand add-ons and comprehensive reporting are only a few to mention.

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