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Tvpaint Animation

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About Tvpaint Animation

What is Tvpaint Animation?

Tvpaint Animation is an animation software that allows designers to materialize their ideas and bring them to life with amazing features. 

Animators are provided “color and texture generator layer” features that help in creating different aesthetic appeals. What sets Tvpaint Animation apart is the support of paper animation. Despite being a completely digital animation software, it enables animators to scan paper-drawn designs and animate them accordingly. 

Tvpaint Animation facilitates animators to create their customized color library to smoothen to workflows while working on projects. Tvpaint Animation does not limit to animations and also facilitates drawing and illustrations. Overall, it is a multi-purpose and easy to use the software. 

What features does the Tvpaint Animation offer?

Here are a few features of Tvpaint Animation listed to get a quick view of the software: 

  1. 2D Animation
  2. Color and Texture Palette
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Animatic
  5. Drawing and Illustration
  6. Post Production & FX
  7. Stop-Motion Animation

What is the price of Tvpaint Animation? 

Tvpaint Animation is available in three different packages, they are: 

  1. Animation Studios
  2.  Freelance Artists
  3.  Education

Please request a call for a price or any inquiries about the software. Our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sold By : TVPaint Développement

Get Tvpaint Animation support 24 Chatting right now

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Tvpaint Animation Features

This animation software allows animators to create 2D animation models. 
The dashboard is the workplace where animators can create their models and get them up and running. It provides direct access to all the animated tools. 
 Tvpaint Animation provides wide range of color gradient and texture tools to enhance the animation. 
Animators can use a wide variety of special effects provided by the animation software. 
 Daily workflows related to animation and illustration are simplified greatly by Tvpaint Animation software. Animators can customize their toolkit, color palette, et cetera, for their ongoing projects and work seamlessly. 
The animation software allows animators to create small GIFs that can be used as social media post.   

Get Tvpaint Animation support24 Chatting right now

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Tvpaint Animation Specifications


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Tvpaint Animation FAQs

Here are the system requirements for Tvpaint Animation: - Operating System: Windows Vista and higher, Mac 10.7 or higher - Processor: Pentium IV, AthlonXP or G5 (2 GHz minimum) - RAM: 2 GB - Hard Disk Space: 10 GB - Architecture: 32 and 64 bit
Tvpaint Animation uses on-premise based storage solutions and saves the data on your PC.
On your purchase of Tvpaint Animation, you will receive a dongle that acts as a security key to protect alien access to the software. The key also protects the saved files.
Tvpaint Animation imports and exports all the animations in .AVI (internal) format for best working.
AVI (internal) allows Tvpaint Animation to work in tandem with the security dongle. It helps you protect your precious data.

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