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UbiAttendance management software is Built-in reports in our attendance management system give you exactly what you are looking for. Ubi Attendance Management Software is developed in consultation with HR experts, there is no limit to the number customizable with the click of a few buttons through report builder. Churn out all the required reports in minutes. UbiAttendance web admin panel spots latecomers, Finds early leavers, Identifies regular absentees. Automate Time record keeping. HR managers spend less time on data entry. Our Attendance Software takes care of repetitive tasks. The filter of time and attendance data through division, function, shifts etc. Calculation of overtime pay has never been easier. WIth UbiAttendance App spotting habitual latecomers is effortless now. Get UbiAttendance login access for your organization.



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About UbiTech Solution

Ubitech Solutions Pvt Ltd serves companies from across the world, from big corporate to entrepreneurial start-ups. As an integrated IT & HR services providing a firm, They serve a diverse list of clients and industries. Ubitech Solutions is committed to delivering solutions that move the business. Their extensive portfolio coupled with cost efficiency and timely delivery, have made us a trusted partner of the world’s leading companies. With a corporate culture focused on quality, They constantly improve Their products and services.
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Attendance management

Attendance Dashboard-All your attendance MIS represented in dynamic dashboards. A summarized view of attendance data to interpret data by different angles. Spot the problem areas in the organization. Time and attendance data at a glance.

Biometric Device

Attendance management by integration with Biometric Time clocks-It is difficult to integrate the data from Biometric clocks with HR and payroll applications. We ensure that the attendance data through Biometric devices are seamlessly incorporated in our HR software. Our HR software is flexible enough to take care of different shifts and company procedures.

Leave Management

An employee can apply for leave through the self-service module of ubiHRM. Employees can view only the leave that he is entitled to – the type & the number of days. All important details such as leave dates, full or half day, substitute, contact number during a leave of absence and date of resuming are captured.

  • Leave setup-You can setup leave for the entire organization or for specific Employees. No end to the types of leave that can be configured. Choose from a number of parameters – division, department, marital status, grade, designation, gender, religion … Leave pay Information like Full pay, Half-pay or no pay can be stored.
  • Linking leave-Link leave to work week to manage to leave with the attendance policy. The leave automatically gets mapped to the employee information. Specify overtime hours for easy payment calculations. Flexibility where it matters.
  • Leave Calendar-Leave Planner in accordance with business needs. Get the monthly leave summary at a glance.
  • Leave Carry Forward, Encashment or Lapse-The software will allow leave carry forward, lapse or encashment for employees as per the Company policy. The employee can withdraw or edit the leave before it gets approved. Even after the leave is approved if the employee changes his mind the unutilized leave can be deleted.
  • Organization view of Leave information-Get the leave data of the entire Fiscal year in a single view – Leave utilized, Leave taken in advance.
  • Employees on leave today-You can get the list of all the Employees who are on leave today.
  • Leave Summary of each Employee-Managers who are in approval flow can view Leave entitlement & history for all employees in real time. Leave Summary pictographically represented for each employee.
  • MIS Tools for Leave management – Customizable Reports Choose from a vast array of Standard in-built Reports or create your own reports through our report builder. Each of the reports can be converted to multiple formats like PDF, excel and CSV and emailed in a format of your choice. Specify your criteria and have a leave report generated in a jiffy.
  • Leave utilization Report-Just select the parameters like division, designation, time period etc. and get the leave utilization report in seconds.


Employee Access Management

Through the self-service feature, an employee has access to all the important personal and employment-related documents. In addition, an employee can view career milestones, official communication, and print past pay slips.

 Payroll Management
  • Payroll Dashboard & Reports-Talk of saving time and effort and ubiHRM is second to none – The payroll reports & graphs are painstakingly chosen to give you a view of Salary MIS. The reports that can be fetched in simple steps give you a host of other details like salary structure, payroll generation, total cash pay, total compensation pay, overtime pay, personal loan pay in minutes.
  • Generate Salary-The generate salary feature allows you to preview the salary before processing it.
    The attendance module, leave module, personal loan module, gratuity etc. are all linked to the payroll. Benefits, variable pay, overtime pay and deductions like loss of pay can be taken care of easily.
  • Update Payroll-The Update Payroll allows any changes before the salary is finalized. The client can control the time limit for the payroll amendments.
  • Past Salary Records-An archive of entire Salary records is maintained. Generate salary transfer letters and salary certificates to collate all the information together. Employees can print past payslips through the self-service feature.
  • Overtime pay-Overtime Pay can be added to the current payroll by fetching the overtime data from the attendance module. Overtime amount is automatically calculated based on the employees' shift, hourly rate and the number of hours. The client can view the past overtime pay for any period of time through the calendar and filter option.
  • Compensation & Benefits-Structure your compensation and benefits in accordance with global standards & local requirements. Define your salary structure in line with certified market pricing variants. Cull out parameters for all grades such as salary range, benefits, and variable pay.
Performance Management

Now view the performance of employees in a 9-grid dashboard. Track the Employee’s progress through , reports. Analyze his growth. Spot his weak areas.

  • Balanced Score-card-Our Performance Management System module is built on the balanced scorecard concept. We acknowledge the fact that a well-rounded employee contributes to not just the profitability (product) but also has responsibility for people management, self-development (People), compliance and process streamlining (Process) and customer and vendor management (Principal/Customer). These four quadrants form the basis of our Performance Management Process.
  • Performance assessment Process-Performance Assessment for all the positions across all stages such as Not started, In progress, Completed etc.
  • Performance Management Rating System-The Performance Management System works on a 4-point rating with 1 as the highest and 4 as the lowest. The rating and the range of score are defined for each position at the time of setting objectives. To ensure the removal of bias at any level and to enable two-way process, the review process starts with self-assessment by the employee.
  • Performance Settings – Add Objective This is where objectives based on the position, the assessment period, levels, description of performance ratings, competency type, competencies and other criteria are defined.
Self Service Portal
  • View & edit self-profile
  • Access to personal documents
  • Reporting relationships and team information
  • Respond to Approval requests
  • Employment journey with key milestones
  • Attendance and leave a summary
  • Get Notification for Upcoming events
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Self Performance Summary

Configure the claim heads according to your organization. Upload the supporting documents to substantiate your claim. Reimbursement is systematic and easy.

Plans and Pricing


UbiTech Attendance Management Software


  • Attendance Dashboard
  • Powerful; compelling and custom-made Attendance Reports
  • Spot late comers; Find early leavers; Identify regular absentees
  • Payroll generation
  • Marking attendance through Phones
  • Attendance management by Computers
  • Attendance management by integration with Biometric Time clocks
  • Tracking Employee attendance through Supervisors
  • Time records can be entered for all employees/students in one go by Supervisors or Team Leaders for their teams
  • The attendance data is transmitted to our back-end software in minutes
  • Overtime
  • under time and total time calculations are automatic & instant
  • Cost effective Subscriptions. Minimal Investment risk
  • Scalable from 5-50
  • 000 employees
  • Easy & quick implementation
  • Committed support every step of the way
  • On cloud. No expensive hardware
  • Flexible & modular for easy customization
  • No maintenance worries
  • Time information can be integrated with leave & salary data for payroll processing
  • HR Best Practices incorporated in the software by qualified professionals
  • 100% accurate
  • transparent and quick time punching unlike manual entries
  • Easy
  • small steps to clock in and clock out
  • Works seamlessly across multiple shifts and multiple locations
  • Reporting & dashboards that surpass your expectations








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