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CA-Admin from Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a web and mobile based smart software solution for complete business management in the organization that enables proactive working of team(s). This unique quality software solution allows scheduling and monitoring of jobs and tasks on compliance dates and allocation of available resources optimally in real time. The software is a cost effective solution that facilitates effortless operations and smooth execution of processes.

Product Features
CA-Admin is a web and mobile enabled job and workforce management solution that helps schedule and monitor jobs or tasks based on compliance dates and allocates the available resources on a real time basis. The solution not only helps in keeping a track and completion of each and every job taken up by the C.A firms but also facilitates them to expand and improve their businesses with ultimate control with the following in-built powerful features:
  • On-line scheduling of resources to jobs: The software has an in-built capability to schedule the resources to relevant jobs online so as to control and manage the workforce from anywhere anytime.
  • On-line billing: Generation and printing of bills for various orders is possible effortlessly and instantly with the online billing feature and tools available within CA-Admin software.
  • Integration of billing with Financial Accounting: The financial accounting operations have been integrated with the billing processes so as to get instant updating of the accounts and transactions through the software.
  • Receivables and Payables control: The organizations can effectively control the accounts receivables and payables with interactive and easy to use software interface.
  • Various MIS and Financial Accounting Reports: Reports play a vital role in decision making and henceforth, the software has been developed with pre-defined customizable MIS and FA reports for effective analysis and decision making.
  • Support of Cash and Revenue recognition based accounting: Cash inflow and outflow, revenue generation and other related financial aspects affecting the overall operations of the company are supported to smoothen the accounting operations.
About The Company
Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a IT company which provides trainings on software development tools and is also known for best in class next generation web/mobile/ERP applications. The company has undertaken innovative practices to develop products with advanced technology and deliver state-of-the art automation solutions. There is a kitty of products that the company delivers that can be implemented across industries like Manufacturing, Financial consulting, automotive services, etc. A few of the products offerings are ERP, U-Trade, CA-Admin and ASMS - Automotive Service Management System.

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