Vanuston MEDEIL - Express Edition 1.0

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Medeil is a leading edge software solution for healthcare industry that enables effective management of the pharmacy operations. This easy to use and quickly deployable solution contributes to reduced inventory management costs, enhanced profitability and accuracy. The bestselling pharmacy management solution is a foray to cater to all pharmacy concerns and issues. The software provides the most interactive interface allows efficient and smooth functioning of integrated modules to provide improved productivity. Available as Express, Standard and Professional editions, the software allow users to opt for a specific version as per the needs and budget constraints.

Product Features
Medeil is an all-round full-fledged software solution for administering and managing all pharmacy processes effectively. It is a product of repute that greases the wheels of users with efficient and integrated modules so as to provide increased accuracy, improved service levels and reduced inventory management costs. The express edition offers:
  • Basic billing/Ordering
  • <25,000 Drug & FMCG Database
  • 25 – Reports
  • Expiry Management
The compelling features include:
  • Sales: The solution automates sales process and allows maintaining detailed history of all transactions.
  • Inventory management: For effective administration and control, the enterprises need to keep a track of stock to avoid a situation of dearth of products. This software provides separate in-depth detail of purchase orders, purchase invoices, purchase returns, stock details, damaged stock, and expiry details of its stock. Purchase orders can be sent for necessary goods through the intuitive interface instantly.
  • Masters: The software provides an exclusive master that help users to control and administer the armoury of merchandising, distributorship, employee information and many others. Users can maintain and access drug details, hospital details, doctor details, distributor details, employee details and employee salary within a single module.
  • Customer Relations Management: CRM is one of the most powerful features of this software. It helps users maintain records of customer interactions pertaining to specific product promotions. This features stores customer details, customer alerts and complaints that can later be used for service improvements and future reference.
  • Financial: The module is an easy to use accounting module that enables improving inventory and purchasing process and eliminates duplication of entries. Users can maintain record of sales, receipts, credit notes, debit notes as well as a daily cash book efficiently in this module.
  • Reports: Reports help in better analysis and improve overall functioning of pharmacy businesses. Various crucial reports can be generated on the fly and can also be customized as per specific criterion. Users can generate reports on sales, purchases, inventory, products, stock, stock analysis, masters, financial and CRM performance. 
About The Company
Vanuston is a pioneer in software development and have been delivering best in class software solutions that address technology needs of businesses which are at par with evolving business standards. The company offers high end IT solutions at reasonable prices. The ultimate software products from Vanuston provide extensive user experience for an array of business verticals. Vanuston is dedicated to deliver excellence in all its services irrelevant of the client’s volume and requirements. Vanuston cohorts with clients in attaining utmost values of performance through its rational business process expertise.

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