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CRM Android Mobile App is an exquisite automated solution for businesses to administer the sales operations and performance of their sales workforce from anywhere anytime globally. The sales workforce too can stay updated and can accept the orders instantly through this mobile app solution. The solution provides various modules to cater to all vital sales operations and allows the sales people with flawless and timeless execution of sales processes. With this solution, sales processes can be quickened thereby to add on extra business profitability effortlessly.

Product Features

CRM Android Mobile App is an ultra-modern solution and a pioneer in automation products for businesses to dive into effective management of sales workforce and processes. The solution provides extensive modules to address the complete automation needs for each sales operation even while out of office or on the go. The solution is simple to install and easy to use thereby to be used by even non-technical sales staff. The frontend primary features of CRM Android Mobile App consist of:
  • Trade Coverage: The trade coverage module facilitates the global reach of the businesses as it supports Google’s location services to detect the location of the Sales Officer and specify the names of all Retailers in that area. The sub modules such as Sales Order, Visibility, Non-Productive and Update Retailers available for every retailer allow the sales processes to be executed smoothly well in-time.
  • Pending Orders: This interactive module is used to store the details of the pending orders if sales order invoice has not been generated. The sales orders remain as pending orders till their invoices are generated by the retailers.
  • News Feed: This is like a notification bar for the sales officers to update with the instructions conveyed by their senior managers. The senior manager can instruct the subordinates in the field using this application and the sales officer get notified with the News Feed. The information such as about a retail shop address not mentioned in the Trade Coverage can be sent to the sales officers instantly using this module.
  • New Retailers: This field is used to add new Retailers in the Trade Coverage section. In case a new retailer is available in a specific area selling the desired product, but is not listed; it can be listed in the application by specifying its vital details such as Id, name, type of products sold, address, contact person, products sold, rate etc.
  • Mobile Report: Mobile Report module allows the sales officers to generate various daily/monthly reports such as sales done by each sales officer, sales team, monthly sales report, monthly team report and top 3 sales officers with highest sales.
  • Help: In-built help feature provides assistance to the users about how to use the mobile app for each operation.
  • Sales order detail: This module provides the information of all sales orders accepted from the retailers with their description and amount.
  • Update Retailers: Using this module, the users can update/modify the retailers details such as address, products sold, contact person, etc.
About The Comapny
Virtual Splat is an innovative Web and Mobile app development company catering to the automation needs of almost every vertical including ERP, retail, inventor, stores, CRM, accounting, college management among many others. The solutions provided by Virtual Splat incorporate leading edge technology to equip the businesses with perfect blend of high end features. Virtual Splat was established in 2002. The company was registered under service tax and was transformed as Private Limited under Indian Government companies act in 2007.

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