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Webpay HRMS

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About Webpay HRMS

What is Webpay HRMS? 

Webpay HRMS is a completely cloud-oriented software for human resource management operations. It helps you automize your HR tasks and move faster on your regular operations along with functions like hiring and exiting of an employee. Webpay HRMS offers complete payroll guidelines for compliant software. 

Webpay HRMS boosts your business growth and enables your HR staff with a powerful and robust tool. It offers a varying number of functions that encompass payroll management, onboarding, attendance, leaves, Travel & expense settlement, Performance management, and many others. 

Webpay HRMS boasts service and offers great services, deploy it and maximize your HR output. 

Features of Webpay HRMS

Here are a few features listed below for interested buyers to get better acquainted with the HR software:

  1. Self-Onboarding: Webpay HRMS gives you efficient software that promotes engagement with ease. Manage all their essential documents of the new joiner, securely in the software. It makes induction simple by offering new joiners with the office guidelines instantly on the access to their HR profile. 
  2.  HR Management: Webpay HRMS helps you automate your HR department with effortless yet customizable features. Produce a detailed management information system and see how your workforce is performing with their required targets. Manage organizational hierarchies and create personalized dashboards. 
  3.  Payroll Process: Make your payroll process simpler with Webpay HRMS as it calculates the entire organization’s salary with few clicks. It integrates onboarding, leave, attendance, and travel expenses, bonus, commissions, etc.
  4.  Performance Evaluation: Create targets and measure employee’s performance over how they are performing over time. See how they are achieving their goals, daily objectives, and supervise their productivity. Measure their performance on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas) on timely intervals. Set review cycles and appraisal seasons to measure their performance and reward them accordingly.

Price of Webpay HRMS

Webpay price varies on customer demand. For more price-related queries, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you and help you further.

Sold By : Technowin Solutions

Get Webpay HRMS support 19 Chatting right now

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Webpay HRMS Features

Track your fixed and moving assets and monitor their availability and depreciation. 
Integrate your organization’s rules and regulations into the system and provide bonuses, loans, and advances and record it in the system. 
Store all the important document of employees for proof, and organisation that may be required at any time. 
Manage the salaries of the entire organization in one flow and settle expenses with the monthly wages.
Webpay HRMS complies with all the labor law guidelines and performs salary deposition accordingly. 
Conduct your employees traveling with the system and track their movements for expense clarification. 
After hiring new recruits, get them onboard with regular training processes and supervise their performance.
This feature automates your hiring procedure and finesses your recruitment workflows. 
Close the employee profile and settle it through the system and supervise their separation with the organisation. Check for their leftover settlements, salary, and other things with this feature
The software has embedded web clock, create a timesheet, and record daily attendance in it and work efficiently. 
Provide employees with a self-service profile with access to all the necessary tax and other income-related documents. It also offers them a digital handbook of the organization and ability to apply leaves. 

Get Webpay HRMS support19 Chatting right now

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Webpay HRMS Specifications


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Webpay HRMS FAQs

A. Webpay can be deployed in every organization. It is extremely flexible that can be deployed in from BPOs, Start-ups, manufacturing industries, etc.
A. Webpay HRMS is available for demo. To get a demo and other inquiries please request a call. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.
A. Webpay HRMS can be accessed through web browsers easily. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements necessary for running Webpay HRMS
A. Webpay HRMS is available in multiple formats. It can be availed as a one-time purchase and even as a monthly or yearly based subscription. To know more about the price please request a call.
A. Webpay is strictly cloud-based software, that you have to access with the internet every time.

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