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About Whatsap Myntra

What is WhatsApp SMS Myntra?

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is a WhatsApp marketing platform that enables users to send text messages in bulk to several potential leads at once. The WhatsApp bulk sender software allows its users to create the best WhatsApp marketing campaigns, which are suitable for their business needs. Moreover, Users can forward recorded WhatsApp messages to multiple clients with just a click. Further, by using WhatsApp SMS Myntra, users get to share video links and share with a large number of clients in real-time. Users also get access to an advanced WhatsApp Marketing Panel that consists of multiple mobile numbers and email IDs as well. 

How WhatsApp SMS Myntra Provides World Wide Services?

The WhatsApp bulk marketing software offers a wide variety of International Bulk WhatsApp Sender tools to its users, enabling them to send WhatsApp messages to their international clients in an efficient manner. Users get to share their VCard related information and credit-based bulk message plans with their clients. They can also launch country-specific campaigns and forward all relevant information and prospects in real-time. International Bulk WhatsApp Sender tools are available across multiple countries, including India, Malaysia, Qatar, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and more.

Pricing of WhatsApp SMS Myntra

The pricing of WhatsApp SMS Myntra is available as per the client’s business requirements. You can request a callback. Our product experts will provide adequate guidance. 

Compatible platforms of WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 versions. 

Benefits of using WhatsApp SMS Myntra Bulk Marketing Software

  1. Brand recognition: Bulk WhatsApp marketing software allows users to set their brand’s logo for channels and helps them build the brand image and create a faithful client base in an efficient manner. 
  2. Cost-effective: With WhatsApp SMS Myntra, users can share unlimited videos, GIFs, images, and other multimedia content with their clients and also offer them other product-related support or queries for free. 
  3. Instant Promotion and Market Response: This bulk sms WhatsApp software facilitates an efficient whatsapp marketing strategy for users, where they get to send messages directly to their customers with lucrative offers and discounts that sometimes motivate the clients to revert instantly.
  4. Good Rapport: With WhatsApp SMS Myntra, users can offer personalized support to their clients. They can select a list of existing clients and send them discount coupons.

Sold By : WhatsApp Myntra

Get Whatsap Myntra support 31 Chatting right now

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Whatsap Myntra Features

With the help of WhatsApp marketing software, users can plan out WhatsApp marketing campaigns and send messages to their potential clients in bulk resulting in business growth.
WhatsApp bulk marketing software enables its users to send messages to their clients in bulk. They can also create a list of their clients from the intuitive database available to them.
Users can send out WhatsApp messages in bulk using the Indian and International contact database offered to them by the Bulk WhatsApp software.
WhatsApp bulk sender software offers an international and Indian contact database to its users. They can also add in more contacts as per their business needs. 
WhatsApp SMS Myntra supports multiple languages all around the globe, enabling users to launch WhatsApp campaigns for their international clients with ease.
Users can attach images, videos, audio, and product-related documents within their messages.
The software offers campaign based reports along with the message delivery rate and their engagement level with the clients.
WhatsApp SMS Myntra offers 24/7 support to its users via WhatsApp and Email, solving the issues they face while running their campaigns.
This WhatsApp bulk sender software stores all its user’s data over the cloud with proper encryption.

Get Whatsap Myntra support31 Chatting right now

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Whatsap Myntra Specifications


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Whatsap Myntra FAQs

A. Yes, users can schedule their marketing campaigns as per their requirements and convenience. They can also use the WhatsApp Web Panel to send messages as per their time and event.
A. Yes, you can share your transactional details with multiple clients with the help of the WhatsApp bulk marketing software.
A. Yes, Techjockey does offer online demos for WhatsApp SMS Myntra, you just need to send a request stating a preferable date and time for the demo.
A. The WhatsApp bulk sender software offers authentic campaign based reports to its users, enabling them to make effective changes within their strategies in real-time.
A. No, WhatsApp SMS Myntra does not have a dedicated mobile app.

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