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WorkMarshal is a robust, feature-rich Project Management software developed to provide small to large enterprises the tools and capabilities they need to effectively manage their internal workflows and processes from a single, unified platform. Many of today’s present enterprise applications are only focused on addressing one or two problems that organizations face on a regular basis, which means they have to install and implement multiple systems and software to solve other business problems and streamline redundant but crucial processes.

With WorkMarshal, enterprises and organizations have a single, centralized application that makes project management, task management, scheduling, ticket management, and file sharing among others quick, simple, and precise. It eliminates the need for multiple tools, which means users don’t have to jump from one software to another to get things done. WorkMarshal lets users do all the things they need within a single, user-friendly environment.

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About WorkSuite

WorkMarshal is a complete Project and Work Management solution designed to help small,medium and large enterprises to manage work in an inclusive manner and bring all stakeholders on the same page. Contrary to traditional enterprise applications, WorkMarshal is one solution that ensures you don't have to jump from one tool to another to manage ongoing work. 
Workmarshal not only helps you manage large projects but it can streamline your entire workflow through advance task management system. From managing inter dependencies across organization and clients, to keeping your files and Todos in order, to have your own company social network... WorkMarshal has it all.. At one place.
Use WorkMarshal and make ongoing work management at office easy, effective and affordable."
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Features of Workmarshal Project Management Software

•    Optimize resources, minimize budgets, ensure successful project completion as scheduled
•    Keep on top of every project. Get high level overview of your projects in real time
•    Monitor progress without having to ask for updates. Improve your billable hours for ongoing projects
•    Know your resource capacity accurately and plan better
•    Avoid bottlenecks by keeping all the stakeholders of the projects on the same page all the time

  • Storage:-Store and manage all your work related files at a centralized location so that you can easily download required files any time
  • Version Control:-Have access to all old versions of your documents for future reference any time you need.
  • Document Restriction:-Keep your document public by default or restrict the access to yourself or your team or your department based on your requirement.
  • Document Review:-Get your critical documents reviewed by seniors before they are ready for circulation and scrutiny
  • Audit Trail:-Keep track of all activities on your document

Effectively collaborate with your customer from your ticket workspace. Keep track of all activities from beginning to end. Get user ratings and feedback for your services from your customers

  • Stay Organized:-Don’t let the mundane issues keep you away from core responsibilities. Park your To-do’s inside WorkMarshal. Also assign To-Dos to your teammates instead of sending emails.
  • Adding A To-Do:-Assign todo to yourself or your teammate. Set realistic due date so that there is no confusion about the priority.
  • Collaborate Inside To-Do:-Ask questions and get clarification inside individual To-do’s. Collaborate and keep on top of your small yet important work list.
  • Reminder:-Send reminder to assignee with a click instead of wasting time in sending follow up email or making phone call.
  • Record Time Spent:-Keep To-Dos part of your mainframe work. Record time spent on completion of each To-do
  • Visual Timesheet:-Time uploaded on all tabs is automatically populated under calendar in real time so that you can see the big picture instantly any time you want. Click on the box to see the details of each item. Know the exact items the staff has recorded time for
  • Time-Sheet Approval:-We are working on the feature which will soon allow you to send your timesheet to your supervisor for approval so that you don’t have to depend on a third party software for this core feature.
  • Available Or Occupied:-Instantly know if you or anybody in your team available or over occupied for a given period.
  • Planned Vs Actual:-Compare your planned hours vs recorded hours for each category
  • Employee Repository:-Store details of all your employees. Professional as well as crucial personal information for smooth business continuity. Store Country and City details if you have staff presence across boundaries.
  • Segregate Employees:-Link employees to department and groups for better segregation. Control employee access by assigning roles. Create reporting hierarchy for better management.
  • Admin:-Create customer roles based on your requirement and control access to each tab

Keep track of all your expenses and keep those budges under check.


Get real time picture on the progress of your projects. Use the filter to drill down for different data points. Be aware of the individual contributions and performance. Get a high level overview of your time spending pattern.

  • Convert Processes Into Tasks:-Whether it’s a process where in you have to perform certain actions or activities you have to do to serve your client, convert your entire workflow into manageable tasks and subtasks with specified deadlines. Fix responsibility, monitor better and close tasks on time.
  • Reusable Task Template:-Create single template with certain steps and assign the same task to multiple individuals or clients separately
  • Action Types:-Select from variety of action types apart from checkbox to mark your task as completed
  • SLA Management:-Set ETA precisely depending on your service level agreement. Choose the exact time of the day as well as timezone you want to follow for particular task. WorkMarshal will help you with inbuilt alerts so that you never lose track of your deadline
  • Recurring Task Frequency:-Whatever your requirement is we have you covered. Get recurring tasks automatically generated based on any combination of frequency.
  • Time Management:-Set estimated manhour for each task which is captured automatically when task is marked as completed

Workmarshal Project Management Software plans and pricing



Rs. 209.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • 2 GB Storage Per User
  • Project Management
  • People
  • To-Dos
  • Document Management


Rs. 699.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • 3 GB Storage Per User
  • Project Management
  • People
  • To-Dos
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client


Rs. 1119.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • 5 GB Storage Per User
  • Project Management
  • People
  • To-Dos
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client
  • Ticket
  • Calendar


Rs. 1399.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Project Management
  • People
  • To-Dos
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client
  • Ticket
  • Calendar
  • Leave Management

Workmarshal Project Management Software Demo Video

WorkMarshal is a Simple, Effective and Affordable Work Management Solution for every Business

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Workmarshal Project Management Software Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Workmarshal Project Management Software

Q. What happens to my data if I upgrade to other version?

The upgrade will be seamless. All of your data will remain as secure as always but you will see all new features in an instant

Q. How Secure is my data?

Extremely. WorkMarshal runs on AWS cloud infrastructure operated by Amazon web services, who are responsible for secure storage of some of the world’s largest corporations. This is backed by Amazon’s 99.99% uptime service level agreements. The infrastructure provided is designed and managed in alignment with security best practices and standards including ISO9001/ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, SOC1-3/SAS70

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