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About Xero

What is Xero?

Xero is an online accounting software platform suitable for all your small business needs. This platform helps users work from anywhere, share invoices with clients and manage expense claims. Xero reconciles quickly and provides an update of the latest transactions in minutes. 

How is Xero Beneficial for Your Business?

Xero helps the business by keeping accurate records and allows the users to quickly categorize bank transactions. This platform keeps a track of payments as they flow into Xero each day, allowing you to keep a steady cash flow by having all the essential documents in hand at the time of filing tax. 

This accounting software enables organizations to keep a watch on the health of the business as it represents the cash flow in and out of the business in the form of updated and easy-to-read charts. This software increases the efficiency of the business by reducing the time to get paid with online invoices. Xero features a ‘Pay Now’ button to clear outstanding payments quickly.

Pricing of Xero

The pricing of this efficient online accounting software depends upon the requirements of your business. The plans are classified as below:

  1. Early: The Early subscription plans cost around INR 480 per month.
  2. Growing: The Growing subscription plan costs around INR 1560 per month.
  3. Established: The Established subscription plan costs INR 3195 per month.

Interested users who are planning to buy the product can enquire us directly for discounts and offers or request us for a callback.

How Efficient is Xero?

Xero helps generate invoices easily, send them online along with various online payment options. This platform comes with an inventory management feature which allows users to track the company’s inventories, and manage and modify stocks easily. 

Xero also controls the dashboard to keep track of payments and allows the users to choose between bank accounts, credit card accounts and PayPal accounts and even supports multi-currency. The dashboard is configured to set up and monitor the performance of a business and provides the user with an up-to-date view of the running balances and reconciliations across all accounts. Xero also provides multi-platform access to users via its mobile application.

Sold By : Xero

Get Xero support 25 Chatting right now

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Xero Features

Xero enables users to have a mindful insight into the cash flow and take quick actions.   
This platform enables hassle-free billing & invoicing to maintain a steady cash-flow.  
Important financial documents can be stored and shared securely with Xero accounting software.
Xero tracks the expenses that are incurred in a business and creates reports for the ease of tax filing.
Xero manages the inventory of a given business and looks after the stock that enters and leaves the organisation
With a Mobile application, users can easily have access to the accounts of their business at any time and from anywhere.
 Xero has Multi-currency support for accepting payments, which doesn’t limit the boundaries of the business.
You can create user access for your employees and define the level of involvement they want from other business associates.
It’s a cloud-based application that saves everything over the cloud securely.  
Xero comes with an online banking feature that allows the user to reconcile and keep a tab on all transactions.

Get Xero support25 Chatting right now

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Xero Specifications


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Xero FAQs

A. Yes, Xero looks after the inventory of a given business, as it keeps tab on the items that enter and leave the stock. This ensures that you never lose track of your stock and can easily catch up with any issue regarding a missing item.
A. Xero provides a detailed report on the cash flow of a given business via updated transaction information and provides a graphical representation on the stats of a business.
A. Yes, Xero enables multi-currency transactions and allows businesses to transact over digital gateways like PayPal and credit cards along with other banking options, thus ensuring flexibility.
A. Yes, Xero notifies your customers about the outstanding payments and prompts them for instant notifications or alerts. The application features a ‘Pay Now’ button for the same.
A. Yes, Xero keeps an update of all the payments that enter and leave the organisation. Moreover, Xero ensures that you face no difficulty while filing your tax returns.

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