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About Zerto

What is Zerto? 

Zerto is a best in class disaster recovery software for companies. It includes creating an extra backup with a set of policies, tools, and processes to authorize the continuation or recovery of essential technological infrastructure and systems, post-natural or man-made disasters. Zerto ensures that workflows are up and running in real-time. This disaster management software combats the risk of cloud adoption and simplifies complexities for modernizing IT operations. 
Zerto is highly recommended for: 

  1. Disaster recovery
  2. Backup 
  3. Cloud computing

Zerto saves more than data, it stores the workflows and aids in time of need. The software offers scalable solutions. E.g. at large enterprise-size scale it delivers consistent on-computer experience while reducing the workload mobility. It protects, recovers, and moves applications freely across various deployments. 

Features of Zerto: 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Zerto: 

  1. Administration console 
  2. Security and compliance 
  3. Alerts/Notifications 
  4. On-premise recovery 
  5. Cloud recovery 
  6. Prior state recovery 
  7. Recovery automation 
  8. Replication 
  9. Service provision 
  10. System failover 
  11. Off-site data storage 
  12. Intelligent automation

What is the price of Zerto? 

The price of Zerto disaster recovery software varies based on customer requirements. For further inquiries please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : ZERTO

Get Zerto  support 29 Chatting right now

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Zerto Features

This disaster recovery software offers seamless availability for workflow storage. 
All user data is protected under a highly secure firewall that makes it safe from data theft, hacking, ransomware, etc. 
Zerto saves user information on multiple servers to ensure easy accessibility during reconciliation. 
 The software offers a comprehensive journal-oriented recovery that enables step by step recovery. 
The application consistency feature enables zero virtual replication at checkpoints based on VSS, it facilitates crash consistency. 
This software offers space-efficient archiving and retention features. 
This feature offers automation for vRealize plugin to work seamlessly. 
The software offers working and data storage across multiple cloud storage facilities. 
Users can perform workflow tests on the system to check accuracy without disrupting the workflows. 
The data stored in cloud or on-premise can be transferred to any location seamlessly. 
Zerto generates comprehensive reports about the operation for performance analysis and insights. 
Users are offered top of the line transparency in workflows for unhindered operability. 
Dashboard in Zerto offers real-time workflow analysis to check the status of work at any time. 

Get Zerto  support29 Chatting right now

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Zerto Specifications


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Zerto FAQs

The latest version of Zerto available in the market is 7.5.
Yes, Zerto is available for mobile phones as well. It is ready built for Android and iPhone.
Zerto is available for demo at Techjockey, please request a call to avail the demo. Our sales team will connect with you shortly.
Zerto uses a hybrid data storage system which is an optimized amalgamation of cloud and on-premise based arrangement. It also offers customization in data storage capability according to the customer requirements.
Zerto requires at least two CPUs with minimum 4GB RAM. For search and restore features, at least 4 CPUs with 10 GB RAM is required.

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