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ZipBooks is a cloud based accounting & inventory management solution which provides its end users a real time visibility of the finance, sales, purchase and inventory in simple and secure manner. ZipBooks in a simple way can be described as online, safe, backed-up and up to date solution for small and medium businesses. 

Product Features
  • User friendly: ZipBooks is designed for Small Businesses and individuals to manage their accounts and inventory without any prior accounting knowledge. The User interface is extremely easy and does not require any training or expert accountant to run the software.
  • Anytime anywhere access: A user can work on ZipBooks from office, home or while on the move. All a user need is a device with internet connection to securely log-in to ZipBooks and start working.
  • Data safety: ZipBooks ensures that user’s data is safe and secure by frequently taking data backups on secure server.
  • Access control: ZipBooks allows users to set different access levels for different users. This prevents user's access to the data they shouldn't be seeing. A user can also create a special user for accountant for year-end auditing and closing the year.
  • Highly secured: We keep all your financial data secure and protected by following industry-standard security protocols. With password protected logins and encrypted communication using 128-bit SSL (as used by most banks), ZipBooks provides best in class security.
  • Multi-user capability: With ZipBooks, multiple users can access the solution and process the transactions from any location with internet access. This enables employees to collaborate easily with each other. Availability of up-to-date, real time information on their fingertips enhances the productivity of the team.
  • Robust data security: - With ZipBooks the data is extremely secure and safe. The data is stored on secure servers rather than on computer or device. This eliminates any risk of losing financial data in the event a device is damaged, lost or falls into the hands of any un-authorized person.
  • Integrated accounting, sales, purchase and inventory: No more spinning between spreadsheet. Comprehensive cloud based accounting software which automates sales cycles, speeds up collections, gives real-time inventory management and smoothens the purchasing process from suppliers.
  • Hassle Free Deployment and Maintenance: A user can setup ZipBooks in minutes as it does not require any installation, server or database setup. Users don’t have to worry about upgrades and maintenance as it will be done quietly in the background.
About The Company
Zipbooks is an IT solutions development company which aims to deliver end-to-end solutions to the customers leveraging company’s deep industry, technology and product expertise. The company takes pride in providing a wide range of solutions and services catering to Small and Mid-sized Enterprises across diverse industry sectors. The product portfolio includes Enterprise Solutions like ERP, CRM, Payroll, POS and Retail solutions along with a full range services from IT Roadmap and Process consulting to system design and implementation which enables you to get the maximum out of IT investments.

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