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U-Trade from Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is innovative Inventory Management system that provides ultimate automation services to the organizations. The software allows undertaking activities pertaining to efficient inventory management through exclusive modules for each group of operations such as purchase ordering, stock monitoring, maintaining stock transactions, quotations, and warehouse management. Deployable on premise, the software is easy to learn and use with an interactive user interface. Also, the software deals with every aspect of inventory management effectively in a cost-effective manner.

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About Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a IT company which provides trainings on software development tools and is also known for best in class next generation web/mobile/ERP applications. The company has undertook innovative practices to develop products with advanced technology and deliver state-of-the art automation solutions. There are a kitty of products that the company delivers that can be implemented across industries like Manufacturing, Financial consulting, automotive services, etc.

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₹ 500000.00

  • "Sales Order Analysis and Invoicing: The software has exclusive module which caters to the need of automating sales order processing
  • invoice generation and tracking. Quotations and Enquiries: All enquiries and quotations are stored in quickly accessible data store within the software and keeps a track of the quotations and enquiries handling with corresponding feedback on the same. Purchase Orders Analysis: This module of the software enables analysis of purchase orders and allows to make data driven decision timelessly. Inventory Accounting and Control: The complete execution of inventory accounting processes and its effective control can be enforced expertly to enhance productivity and performance. Warehouse Management: Slot transactions
  • movement of stocks
  • warehouse transfers
  • etc. including other warehouse tasks can be well managed with Warehouse Management module of U-Trade. Financial Control and Accounting: To reinforce effective financial control and accounting processes
  • the software provides an exclusive module with all relevant features and tools such as maintenance of balancesheet
  • trial balance
  • assets accounting and depreciation
  • ledger entries and many more. Accounts Receivable and Payables: This user-friendly part of the innovative solution allows effectual management of the accounts receivable and payables."
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