CircleCi Stated That Hackers Stole and Accessed Customers’ Data

CircleCi Stated That Hackers Stole and Accessed Customers’ Data-feature image
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CircleCi, a software company, has recently accepted the fact that some of the customers’ data was stolen last week. Despite 2 factor authentication for employees’ access, the hacker gained access to the data via a laptop which was infected with malware. Due to this, the session tokens of the employees were stolen, meant to access the applications.

CircleCi accepted this and labelled this as the system failure as the antivirus could not detect the malware and led to the stealth of session tokens. Hence, the hackers gained access to the system and stole customer data.

The Chief Technology Officer, Rob Zuber, said on this, “Because the targeted employee had privileges to generate production access tokens as part of the employee’s regular duties, the unauthorized third party was able to access and exfiltrate data from a subset of databases and stores, including customer environment variables, tokens and keys”.

Rob Zuber also added that the hackers had access to the information from 16th Dec’22 till 4th Jan’23 and most of its customers has already notified the company about the unauthorized access to the information.

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