Datametica Launches Pelican on Google Cloud to Simplify Data Validation

Datametica Launches Pelican on Google Cloud to Simplify Data Validation-feature image
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Datametica, a provider of migration and data warehouse solutions, has recently launched SaaS-related technology, i.e., Pelican, on Google Cloud. Pelican helps in comparing, validating, and reconciling datasets massively across two or more heterogeneous data warehouses. This also includes a comparison of tables & columns, column mapping, cell-based validation, and more. This type of validation is done even without any data movement or coding.

Furthermore, Pelican assists in the production of legacy solutions and other new solutions. It also helps in derisking migration, data matching, minimizing unit testing, etc. It provides confidence as well as assurance in de-commissioning a legacy-based data warehouse.

The marketplace by Google Cloud enables all its customers to efficiently leverage its software packages. The customers of Google Clouds, especially those who are shifting to Google BigQuery, would be able to leverage all SaaS-powered technologies by Datametica, i.e., Raven, Eagle, as well as Pelican for a safer and accelerated experience of cloud migration.

Dr. Phil Shelley (President & Co-founder) in an event launch stated, “We are proud to offer our customers technologies that accelerate and de-risk migration to the Google Cloud. Our SaaS-based Pelican is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, offering organizations a scalable, flexible, and efficient way to validate and reconcile data.”

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