Digitate Launches Eagle, Aims to Advance Machine Learning & AI

Digitate Launches Eagle, Aims to Advance Machine Learning & AI-feature image
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Digitate, a chief provider of the SaaS –based software for IT and other business operations, has announced the release of Eagle, its latest offering aimed at advancing AI & machine learning capabilities across its ignio™ line of products.

The new release of digitate aims to solve key business confrontations which are related to risk management of the enterprises, intelligent patching & compliance, mechanization of leading SAP process, and more with better solutions.

It also enriches the overall user participation with custom-made dashboards, careful health checks. It has centralized control in increasing visibility for quick isolation and correcting the problems that have caused enterprise-wide interruptions.

At the core of Digitate’s platform is artificial intelligence, which enables closed-loop automation, advanced observability, and a single-pane cloud management console. The platform aims to provide organizations with an in-depth, unified software suite to simplify their operations and increase business velocity This enables them to become more agile and resilient in the face of digital disruption.

Digitate’s CEO, Akhilesh Tripathi, states “Our core belief is that an autonomous enterprise driving agility and resiliency through intelligence and predictability is critical in delivering business outcomes and providing an unrivaled customer experience. This new release is advancing the autonomous enterprise by equipping our customers with an integrated SaaS platform that increases digital resiliency.

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