Infraon Corp Planning to Introduce a SaaS-based DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Platform

Infraon Corp Planning to Introduce a SaaS-based DEX (Digital Employee Experience) Platform-feature image
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Recently, a US-based company- Infraon Corp announced that they are planning to introduce a new product named Infraon DEX across Europe, the US, and APAC markets. Infraon is a well-known provider of SaaS-powered ITOPs solutions and products.

This solution will come along with a wide range of automated and integrated solutions like ITSM, ITOM, and ITAM modules to create a better workplace for all employees digitally. Using this solution, employees can use some of the low-code functionalities to improve their work digitally from anywhere at any point in time. It will also ensure round-the-clock availability of region-wise global support.

Arun Prasath (Founder, Infraon Corp) said, “Empowering your teams with positive digital experiences can enhance their morale and reduce turnover while improving their job performance. It also triggers a positive domino effect through which you can effectively attract and retain top talent with modernized experiences.”

Infraon DEX is additionally supported by a developing network of top implementation partners & industry network, as well as by more than ten years of experience with digital integration. It will be simple to find and fix undisclosed user-facing problems that create digital friction.

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