Innover Has Rolled Out ‘Innoraise’ for Non-Profit Organizations

Innover Has Rolled Out ‘Innoraise’ for Non-Profit Organizations-feature image
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Top market leader in providing digital transformation solutions, Innover has launched ‘Innoraise’. It is a cloud-based digital platform that enables non-profit organizations to adopt new technologies quickly.

With this new platform, Atlanta based technology company wants to help non-profits to create a group of interconnected IT resources in order to intensify its mission and build a growing and motivated community.

Co-founder and CEO at Innover, Amit Gautam said, “We understand the unique challenges that non-profits face and are committed to helping them build a passionate community of supporters to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and expand their reach. Innoraise combines our extensive knowledge of the non-profit domain and technology prowess to empower organizations to rapidly embrace digital transformation and maximize impact in the communities they serve.”

The newly launched Innoraise will help non-profit organizations to meet its growing members’ and donors’ expectations and a community comprising all active members!

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