Japan-Based Startup Raises Whopping $30M to Create Robot Workforce for Space

Japan-Based Startup Raises Whopping $30M to Create Robot Workforce for Space-feature image
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Gitai- a Japanese startup has recently raised new funds while expanding into the markets of the US. It is planning to make a robot workforce to minimize the risks and costs of operating in the space.

While Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are currently working on solving all the challenges to get into space and designing rockets, the CEO of Gitai- Sho Nakanose is mainly considering labor costs. He says that it is very impractical and risky for anyone to inspect any machinery in space.

On Monday, Nakanose said on Bloomberg TV, “The bottleneck of the space industry has been changing rapidly.” Further, he stated, “Huge space companies such as SpaceX and BlueOrigin are solving the space transportation problem, and now the bottleneck has changed from transportation costs to operational costs.”

He has envisioned a future where space robots would be handling all the routine work on Mars and Moon at a very minimal cost.

Gitai’s robot rovers and arms offer affordable and safe labor. Apart from that, it reduces all operational costs by 100X as per the company CEO.

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