Metomic Announced a $20 Mn in Series A Round to Strengthen Data Security

Metomic Announced a $20 Mn in Series A Round to Strengthen Data Security-feature image
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As more and more businesses are transitioning to hybrid or work-from-home cultures, it becomes crucial to ensure that employees aren’t disclosing any private information to people they shouldn’t. This becomes even more important for those who are working under contractors or other external companies.

DLP (Data loss prevention software) has traditionally been responsible for handling this, but Metomic, an early-stage firm, intends to modernize DLP in a SaaS setting without interfering with people’s ability to do their jobs. Therefore, to safeguard the company data, today, Metomic announced an investment of a whopping $20 Mn in the Series-A round of the investment.

Commenting on this news, Rich Vibert (Co-founder & CEO, Metomic) said, “So, with Metomic we help companies protect sensitive data in SaaS applications. So, we help them make the best use of the most collaborative apps like Slack, Google Apps, JIRA, and Notion without accidentally exposing sensitive information to the wrong people, both within the organization and externally. Most importantly, we do this without getting in the way of employees doing their jobs. That’s sort of our key secret sauce to this.”

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