Microsoft is Developing AI Chat Interface for Windows with Windows Copilot

Microsoft is Developing AI Chat Interface for Windows with Windows Copilot-feature image
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With Windows Copilot, Microsoft is creating an AI chat interface into Windows to perform tasks including summarizing docs, suggesting music, providing tech support, etc. Further, you can also ask any questions like any other search engine.

This new feature will come for windows soon via an icon available in the tool bar in the shape of blue ribbon. By clicking on it, you can type questions and prompts to get answers to your queries. This feature will be tested in June according to Yusuf Mehdi, Marketing Chief of Microsoft. With this technology, users can also take the snap of your PC easily.

Previously, the company also built AI into Bing search engine and Edge web browser. However, Windows is used by millions of people for hours, therefore, this feature will also be available in Windows.

Just like Google and Adobe, Microsoft’s Copilot technology will also be available into Office suite of its productivity tools. Mehdi said on this technology, “The ability to be able to ask any question from where you are, to get search-like answers, that’s a powerful thing for customers.”

Microsoft also announced that it will be developing a plugin feature for Bing and Windows Copilot so that the developers can integrate their system within this technology.

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