Newgen Software Launched OmniXtract 4.0

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Newgen Software, a leading global company specializing in digital transformation solutions, has recently introduced OmniXtract 4.0. This enhanced iteration of their intelligent document extraction software, known as NewgenONE, offers advanced capabilities for extracting information from various documents.

The newest release of OmniXtract has advanced AI and machine learning technologies, resulting in more accurate data extraction. Alongside this, the user interface has improved for a better user experience. Furthermore, the extraction engine has undergone enhancements, and the system now operates on architectures based on microservices.

The highlights include:

  1. Enhanced Extraction Accuracy: By combining ML and AI models with customizable templates, enterprises can achieve accurate and dependable extraction results right from the start. This ensures businesses obtain reliable and precise information.
  2. Collaborative Template Creation: The introduction of a web-based extraction studio enables multiple users to create definitions of templates collaboratively. With robust audit capabilities, it monitors changes and helps organizations to optimize extraction process.
  3. Real-time System Monitoring: A user-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of active users, remaining volumes, and definitions. This feature enables organizations to track system metrics in real-time and make informed decisions.
  4. Access Control: The release offers rights and role management features, allowing organisations to control access to every application module. This ensures that the extraction process is secure and under control.

The NewgenONE OmniXtract version empowers businesses to effortlessly retrieve data from semi-structured and structured documents. It efficiently manages RTSs, PDFs, Word, Tiff, and Excel files, extracting valuable information for seamless onward processing.

Furthermore, it offers flexible options by supporting a range of OCR extraction engines, both cloud and non-cloud-based, catering to specific and diverse organizational needs.

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