Particular Audience Launched Adaptive Transformer Search Technology to Resolve eCommerce Search Engine Issues

Particular Audience Launched Adaptive Transformer Search Technology to Resolve eCommerce Search Engine Issues-feature image
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Particular Audience that provides advanced AI technologies for ecommerce businesses have launched Adaptive Transformer Search (ATS) technology. It is an AI-based search technology that understands a word context in search query. This will help in improving search efficiency and also customer experience.

Like the traditional ecommerce search engines that use the exact keyword matching and manual updates, ATS understands the words context in a query. This approach removes any need for manual configuration, reducing cost for website owners and improving the customers’ search experience.

Longtail search queries sums up 80 percent of site search and it is one of the major issues that ATS can resolve. Particular Audience CEO, James Taylor, said on this ATS, “With ATS, we’ve harnessed the power of Large Language Models, paired with our own vertical tuning to generate the most relevant search results right out of the box. No matter how niche or conversational a search is”.

Adaptive Transformer Search is developed via transformer models that enables ATS to understand a sentence meaning like difference between ‘getting a laptop via a credit card’, or ‘getting a credit card via laptop’.

Adaptive Transformer Search uses PA’s proprietary Vertical Tuned Models (VTMs), generating sentence embeddings which adapt from localized reinforcement learning. This learning procedure helps ATS to enhance its accuracy in replying to queries particular to retail websites.

ATS models perpetually learn from the search queries, learning the context for optimizing outcomes for the future search queries. Adapting to search relevancy in real-time for changing consumer context was never a possibility before on retailer websites according to the company Head of Product, Patrick DiLoreto.

The ATS technology has helped ecommerce sites to improve their search revenue by almost 20% as compared to the conventional keyword search technology. Further, it also eliminates the chances of zero-search-results almost by 70 percent. For customers, it will ensure that customers will find what they are looking for on the website.

The availability of Adaptive Transformer Search technology will help in improving the customers’ search experience in the e-commerce sector.

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