SaaS Insider to Launch App to Help Early-Stage SaaS Companies

SaaS Insider to Launch App to Help Early-Stage SaaS Companies-feature image
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SaaS Insider is planning to launch an app in June 2023 for SaaS Investors and Founders to enable funding deals with ease. However, the app will not be just limited to making deals, but will also include features such as job postings, mentorship, and discussion threads.

To access features other than networking, users must be a part of an ‘Insider Circle’. This club comprises over 200 startups and venture capital firms together with a total member count of 430. SaaS Founders should be able to showcase that their company has an active business and that it is incorporated in order to enter into the exclusive club within the app.

Archit Anand, Founder and CEO of FuelGrowth, a platform that helps DTC brands reach their growth target by optimising costs says, “This becomes a place where the handshakes become a lot faster and easier. The time to raise funds goes down through a community like this.” 

As per a survey by Bengaluru based SaaS community that was set up in 2020, almost 90% of early-stage SaaS startups revealed that funding was a big roadblock on their path to success. While the funding winter might be great news for startup, it is still difficult for many of them to get funding.

This is because only if you know the right people and have the correct information, does the funding go through. Hence, SaaS Insider is sure that now is a great time to launch app.

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