Slick Is Creating India’s Version of a Gas-Like Social Media Platform

Slick Is Creating India’s Version of a Gas-Like Social Media Platform-feature image
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Social media platforms like Facebook and Orkut were earlier used to connect individuals online and build stronger relationships with acquaintances, friends, and others. Nowadays, social media has evolved a lot with apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and others with a special focus on certain factors while their core fundamental remained the same, i.e., increasing networking and connections.

Later, as the world evolved, video-sharing platforms such as TikTok brought a revolution in the world of social engagement. This is because social media users are now focusing on consuming content while also focusing on building connections and networks.

For instance, Instagram Reels as well as YouTube Shorts got popular and got ingrained within the lifestyles of GenZ and Millennials. This allows them to provide glimpses of their day-to-day lifestyle with the world.

A new platform named Gas, which was introduced last year has recently captured teenagers’ attention in the US. It allows users to anonymously write compliments for their friends. This platform got so popular that it overtook TikTok and became the most downloaded app on the App Store. Due to Gas’ popularity, Discord (a messaging platform) acquired it at the beginning of this year.

Looking at the popularity of Gas, alumni of IIT-Bombay strived to build a Gas-similar app named Slick. The Slick app has been created by Rachit Bansal and Archit Nanda and the motive behind this app is to bridge any gaps that are faced in creating personalized connections over social media.

Slick was launched in the month of November’22 to revolutionize social media engagement via compliment-based interactions.

On this news, Nanda stated, “We started building the app when we realized that social media networking platforms today are not focused on authentic or genuine moment sharing but rather on artificial moments.”

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