TCS Starts a Virtual Quantum Computing Lab on AWS

TCS Starts a Virtual Quantum Computing Lab on AWS-feature image
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The Indian IT giant TCS has recently launched its quantum computing lab on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to test and develop enterprise business solutions. We know that quantum computing is the latest breakthrough in the IT domain and it has the immense potential to solve complicated problems within a fraction of time taken by other computers.

The company stated that it will use its “extensive knowledge” and “technical expertise” with the immense power of quantum bits to help its customers in building fool proof solutions for risk evaluation and seamless & secure communication ecosystems.

They further stated that their investment in quantum computing started almost four years ago, and they have also filed two patents within this period. The firm has contributed to various standard bodies programs and government initiatives in quantum computing. Moreover, it is also planning to use its lab to design industry-leading solutions, drive hackathons and set new benchmarks in the IT field.

Just like TCS several other Indian IT companies have also stepped up their research in quantum computing in collaboration with government and research bodies. Their aim is to offer it as a service to their valued customers.

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