20 Best Fitness Apps for Home Workout During Lockdown

20 Best Fitness Apps for Home Workout During Lockdown-feature image

Staying indoors for keeping deadly virus at bay has certainly brought a change in our schedule and habits. The current situation where work from home has become the norm, it is easy to munch on those easily reachable favorite carb rich foods or high calorie cookies. However, following a workout routine can help you overcome the negative vibes in these harder times. Let fitness apps be your guidance for marching ahead towards a healthier lifestyle during the lockdown and post that.

20 Best Fitness Apps to Stay Fit & Positive Amid Coronavirus Scare

These diverse fitness apps are designed to motivate and inspire individuals to become the best version of themselves. Here’s a detailed overview of these workout apps for attaining the overall fitness and strength.

  • Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is one of the best fitness apps available to plan a workout routine whether you are at home, gym or any other location. With this best workout app for men and women, Nike Master Trainers help provide over a hundred free workout plans based on different levels of exercise such as strength training, weightlifting, endurance, yoga and mobility. There are over 185 sessions of 15 to 60 minutes designed for over a period of four to six weeks to help users stay fit during the lockdown.

Lockdown Offer: Nike has made the premium plan of its Nike Training Club app free

Price: Free to download, in-app purchases at Rs 1142/month

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Improving the muscle tone and regulating body weight with targeted training programs.

  • Fitbit Coach

Use the Fitbit Coach workout app for planning workouts based on different exercises such as walking, running and weightlifting. It is one of the best fitness apps for Android and iOS providing the options to exercise at a place of your choice. You will get step by step training instructions and motivational tips to provide a holistic approach to staying fit. The health dashboard offers regular updates regarding calories burnt and the duration of workout to keep you on your toes.

Lockdown Offer: 90-days free trial of the premium plan during these hard times

Price: Its premium plan costs Rs 760/month

Available On: iOS and Android

Ideal for: A customised workout plan, audio coaching and video workouts based on your weight, routine & eating preferences.


Workout apps

PUMATRAC workout app for women and men offers hundred plus free workout sessions through professionals in multiple workout formats. Most of these are strength and endurance, mobility, stretching, dancing, pilates, HIIT, low impact training and boxing workouts. You will find minute-based exercises for glute burn, yoga, leg blaster, and full body workout and box core crusher.

Price: One of the best free fitness apps for Android and iOS is available on monthly basis for Rs 2136.

Available on: Fitness app Android and iOS

Ideal for: Good number thirty-five minutes sessions available for full body sculpting, strengths and lower body focus.

  • Decathlon Coach

Decathlon Coach is one of the best free workout apps used by sports enthusiasts for getting coaching through live video streaming. This fitness app helps beginners and sports enthusiasts measure the speed, distance, calories and even tracking cardio rate as important fitness metrics. Audio coaches will also help compare and track the progress of your personal statistics.

Price: The fitness app for women and men is available for free of cost

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: A real coaching experience from the comfort of your home

  • adidas Training

adidas Training app provides goal-oriented workout plans to help individuals reach their fitness goals. You can record your workout and review the statistics through this app. Available in fifteen different languages, adidas Training is also one of the best health apps used for its nutritional plans aside from home-based workout sessions. You will also get sessions on yoga, meditation and HIIT (high level intensity training) for daily workout at home.

Lockdown Offer: Three-month premium membership is available currently for free of cost

Price: Specific training sessions are available with the premium plan

Available on: iOS and Android

Ideal for: Selecting muscle groups to create a fitness plan based on your fitness needs.

  • Daily Burn

Daily Burn presents workout plans for yoga sessions and HIIT. It is one of the best fitness apps available with multiple workout programs such as tone and target, full body group workout, cardio strength, muscle building, pilates, kickboxing and flexibility/stretching. Take advantage of hundreds of workout videos and follow well-crafted nutrition plans for your health needs.

Price: 30-day free trial. Monthly Standard plan for Rs 1063 and the Premium plan costs around Rs 1975

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Jumpstarting your fitness journey with 21-day ‘inferno’ workout challenge

  • Aaptiv

Aaptiv workout app boasts of thirty new workouts every week aside from the several available workout videos. Be prepared to receive some amazing training tips from expert trainers for amazing results. As one of the fitness & bodybuilding apps, it is currently offering a thirty day audio based fitness workout plan.

Price: As best free workout app, Aaptiv is available on trial basis for a period of seven days. For Rs 1139 is available the monthly plan for Aaptiv.

Available on: iOS and Android

Ideal for: Individually consult expert trainers for a customised full body workout plan.

  • FitOn

FitOn app offers daily workout at home solutions to users ranging from exercises such as cardio, HIIT, strength training, yoga, pilates and dance. The workout app for men and women is most famous for studio workouts and group fitnesses offered by some of the most popular expert fitness trainers.

Price: The best fitness app for Android and iOS offers a premium plan, which is available for free of cost.

Available on: Android and iOS.

Ideal for: Getting personalized workout program at home.

  • Ballet Beautiful

Best workout apps

Ballet Beautiful is known for providing customised ballet tutorial workouts for those looking for a sculpted body. The workout app for women and men provides over three hundred videos based on ballet-inspired workouts. Monthly membership of Ballet Beautiful also includes two or more new videos that are added every month aside from customised workout plans.

Price: A monthly plan is available, which costs around 1294 for the first month.

Available on: iOS and Android

Ideal for: Getting those lean legs and sculpted body like that of a ballerina dancer

  • Dance Body

Dance Body is one of the best fitness apps that promotes the dance inspired fitness. So, expect some good choreography mixed with workout moves to give you the best of both the worlds. You will get curated programs and live classes from the New York studio with dance-based exercises aim at moving every muscle of your body.

Price: Monthly subscription of Rs 2664, with special lockdown period offers

Available on: iOS and Android

Ideal for: This workout app is best suited for those looking for some private tutorials and dance session.

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  • NEOU

NEOU is one of the best workout planner apps complete with videos related to mobility, stretching, dance choreography and strength, cardio and core training. The highly flexible plans available through the app present 7-minute workout apps and all kinds of workout videos. Through its membership plan, be assured of getting access to good number of exercise videos, live and on demand training sessions.

Price: 30-day free trial, with the monthly membership plan of Rs 1142.

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Cardio kickboxing and strength training


SWEAT app by Kayla is one of the best fitness apps run by women personal trainers, specialising in customised workouts ranging from stretching, running, cardio for all body types. This fitness app for women includes fitness modules exclusively from the SWEAT trainers, for the high and low intensity cardio workouts.

Price: The monthly plan is available for Rs 1523

Available on: iOS and Android

Ideal for: New moms looking to get back in shape, SWEAT’s post-pregnancy training charts are quite in

  • 30 Day Fitness Challenge App

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge App as the name suggests functions as a digital personal trainer for those who are aspiring for a more toned and fit body. The personalised fitness plan offers not just the 30-day fitness challenge but also customised programs based on your schedule and exercises you would want to do.

Price: Free to download with in-app purchases

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Quick workout sessions at home to get fit in 30 days

  • Lose Weight in 30 Days

Going by the name, Lose Weight in 30 Days is also a fitness challenge for those aiming at turning themselves into a best version of themselves during the lockdown. Daily exercise and a balanced diet are what the app prompts you to follow. Use the ample number of videos available to select an exercise plan as per your fitness goals. There is also an automatic timer attached to check the amount of time spent in exercising so far.

Price: This is a free to download app

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Challenging yourself through a well-planned fitness and diet plan


Best free workout apps

JEFIT creates customised exercise routines for fitness lovers and those wishing to get out of their comfort zone to experiment and exercise. Users are also given a choice to select the number of reps and sets as per their convenience. The train and track option to record training logs and tracking workout helps users in analysing as well as improving their exercise routines.

Price: It’s a free fitness app with 1300 plus exercise library, training log tracker and workout routine planner

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Individuals planning to do strength training

  • Calm

Calm has been described as one of the best apps for its meditative, sleep inducing and relaxing music features. It’s a complete fitness app with the nature’s sound and scenario to give you that relaxing feel of meditating in a natural environment. Further, there are training sessions from mindfulness experts in the form of audio sessions.

Price: It’s free to download, with the subscription plan starting at Rs 769.

Available on: Android and iOS.

Ideal for: Calm is meant for individuals looking for some peace and quiet in these fast times.

  • Headspace

Use Headspace for it is one the best fitness apps when it comes to learning how to take less stress and sleep peacefully. Additionally, Headspace app provides guided videos for exercises to help you learn the right moves in the right way. Good number of articles are also available on this app for dealing with mindful healing and meditation are also provided for users of all ages.

Price: Free trial for the first two weeks. Then you can either select the monthly plan of Rs 445/month

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Mini meditation sessions to overcome the lockdown stress

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  • Sworkit

Sworkit is a personal trainer app focusing on strength training, weight loss and nutrition. From yoga to cardio to stretching, you will find a range of exercises to choose from. Use the app if you aim at improving flexibility, escalating endurance, maintaining body weight, gaining muscle mass or toning up the body.

Price: Start by signing up from Facebook, email, Google & Apple

Available on: iOS, Android & web

Ideal for: Weight maintenance with an improved flexibility

  • Pocket YOGA

Pocket YOGA is one of the best health apps where you learn in detail about different yoga postures. Yoga as you know is considered vital for not just losing weight but also fighting diseases and maintaining good health and immunity. What’s more. You can also get in touch with the friendly customer support team in case some posture is not coming right.

Price: Presently the app is available for a one-time payment of Rs 228

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Keep a track of the calories burnt and the heart rate

  • Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is a mind and body app for practicing yoga from the comfort of your home. Users are guaranteed of some high definition yoga videos to boost their experience of the app. Beginners and experts can take advantage of over two-fifty yoga postures provided here. These sessions have a qualified instructor guiding the right moves that need to be taken.

Price: 7-days free trial, with in-app purchases starting at Rs 761.

Available on: Android and iOS

Ideal for: Hip hop Yoga that helps reduce back pain


The best fitness apps sync easily with your TV and other devices to make the journey to a fitter and a healthier you easy and totally worth it. In unpredictable times, secure your health through a disciplining exercise routine with the help of best fitness apps.

Published On: April 28, 2020

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