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Best Stock Market Software in 2024

What is the Share Market Software?

Stock market software is also known as stock trading software, is a computer application designed to assist traders in various stages of trading. Trading software is being used by most firms today for multiple purposes such as doing market research, trading and monitoring stocks. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Stock Market Software

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M2 Trading System

M2 Trading System

Brand: M2 Trading System


4.7 out of 5

(16 user reviews)

The M2 Trading System is a top-of-the-line stock market software that assists traders in making informed and profitable decisions.... Read More About M2 Trading System read review arrow


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Brand: Amisignals


4.5 out of 5

(199 user reviews)

AmiSignals is one of the best stock market software designed for Indian traders. The software is built with unique, modern, and well-researched market str... Read More About Amisignals img

₹15,000 /Quantity

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Brand: RichLiveTrade Software Systems


4.2 out of 5

(28 user reviews)

Trading & stock market solution with embedded filtering technology for 100% protected capital and 95% accurate buy and sell signals.... Read More About RichLiveTrade read review arrow

Price On Request



Brand: Ecgtrade


4.7 out of 5

(17 user reviews)

ecgtrade is a stock market analysis solution that offers an intuitive chart-based guide to its users. The platform comes with all the tools necessary for... Read More About Ecgtrade img

Price On Request



Brand: Reliable Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.


4.6 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Trading platform that combines a systematic approach to trading with an intuitive user interface, empowering traders with reliable data for confident decis... Read More About Falcon7 read review arrow

₹10,339 /3 month

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Stock Market Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Stock Market Software Product List Top Banner - 2
Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite

Brand: Zerodha


4.4 out of 5

(15 user reviews)

Zerodha Kite is one of the most secure trading platforms for those who want to invest in share market. This investment platform allows users to scan acros... Read More About Zerodha Kite img

Price On Request

Techno Trade

Techno Trade

Brand: Techno Trade System


4.3 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Techno Trade is an interactive stock market analysis software for budding investors, traders, and beginners, trying out their luck in the Indian stock mar... Read More About Techno Trade img

₹15,500 /Lifetime

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FataFat Stock Screener

FataFat Stock Screener

Brand: Fatafat Screener


4.8 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

It is designed to help users quickly understand different stock points and make better financial investments.... Read More About FataFat Stock Screener read review arrow

Price On Request

Spider IRIS Plus

Spider IRIS Plus

Brand: Spider Software


4.5 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

A cutting-edge stock analysis solution designed to empower investors and traders with the tools and insights needed to make informed investment decisions i... Read More About Spider IRIS Plus read review arrow

₹65,000 /Year

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Brand: Upstox


4.6 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Upstox is an online stock trading software that offers the best charting tools to track the ever-changing market trends and assist traders in taking infor... Read More About Upstox img

Price On Request

Last Updated on : 04 Jun, 2024

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Top 5 Stock Trading Software & Apps for Stock Market Analysis | Investment Strategy | Techjockey

Dive into our expert roundup of the top 5 AI-powered stock trading software and apps for comprehensive market analysis and smarter investment decisions. From predictive analytics to real-time data processing, these tools leverage artificial

Best Stock Market Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Yes, there are multiple free technical analysis trading software options that you can consider for advanced charting, strategies back testing, and trade simulating. Here are some of the top ones: Investor Trading Platform, Stockalyze Technical Analysis Software, and S2Analytics.  

Trading software streamlines the analysis and trading of various financial instruments like stocks, currencies, cryptos, etc. Traders use this software to buy and sell, execute market positions, and oversee their trading accounts.

There are various charting software systems in India that provide specific functionalities specifically designed for the Indian market. Some of the best share analysis software are Trend Analyser, AmiBroker, FoxTrader, and Spider IRIS. Taking the requirements of buy-sell signal software Indian stock market into account.

Check out the online stock trading app for stock market business from Google Play Store. Investing - Stock, Finance & Market Stock Edge - NSE BSE Indian Share Market Moneycontrol - Share Market, News, Portfolio Upstox Pro - Stock trading App For NASE, BSE Stock Trainer - Virtual Trading (Stock Market) JStock - Stock market, watchlist, portfolio Stock marketer Tracker ET Marketers - NSE & BSE India

Trading software can help you with asset pricing information, technical analysis, setting trading indicators, etc. It can also help you in selling and buying financial instruments from one place.

Zerodha Streak, Masterswift, MetaTrader 4 Software, MotiveWave, etc., are some of the most popular trading software used by traders in India. 

Zerodha Streak, Upstox, Groww, MetaStock, and Algo trading software are some of the best software for stock analysis in India. 

ESignal, NinjaTrader, WinTrader, MetaStock, and Amibroker are some of the best trading software for Indian stock market.  

You can choose from multiple software or stock market apps for researching stocks in India. Angel One, ET Markets,, Trade Brains, and Trade Brains Portal are some of the popular choices.

Self Trades, Zerodha Streak, NinjaTrader, and WinTrader are some of the best stock market software that you can consider for Nifty trading. 

Stock Market Software Reviews


M2 Trading System


“Advanced technical indicators and helpful in making informed trades, easy to use, packed with features, and helps make better trading decisions.”

- Kavitha

See all M2 Trading System reviewsimg



“Best software for share market guidance. I truly suggested visiting this organization for the offer share market lovers. They are accomplishing essentially amazing w...”

- asim khan

See all Amisignals reviewsimg



“I am happy with richlivetrade software. very simply develop technical chart for new trader . 100% Profitable to me. thank you”

- Mohon Singh

See all RichLiveTrade reviewsimg



“ECGtrade is quite good for managing my stock. You can create different profiles, and register your stocks buy, and sells.”

- Shubham Bansal

See all Ecgtrade reviewsimg



“It gives all charts domestic as well as internationally available. Provides to the point analysis, accuracy and efficiency.”

- Aakash Tyagi

See all Falcon7 reviewsimg

Stock Market Software Price List In India

Stock Market Software Cost
Top Stock Market Software Starting Price Rating
M2 Trading System₹15677.97 4.7
Amisignals₹15000.00 /Quantity4.5
Falcon7₹10338.98 /3 month4.6
Techno Trade₹15500.00 /Lifetime4.3
Spider IRIS Plus₹65000.00 /Year4.5

Buyer's Guide for Top Stock Market Software

Found our list of Stock Market Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Stock Market Software?
  • Most Common Features of Stock Trading Software 
  • How Does Stock Market Software Work?
  • Modules of Stock Market Software
  • Advantages / Benefits of Stock Market Software
  • How to Choose the Right Stock Market Software? 
  • How to Use Stock Market Software? 
  • Best Trading software in India for Technical Analysis
  • How Do We Evaluate and Select the Best Stock Market Software for You? 
  • How Much Does Stock Market Software Cost? 

What is Stock Market Software?

Stock market software, also known as trading software, is a computer program that helps traders with various aspects of trading, such as market research, monitoring stocks, and placing orders.

Stock market software is critical for not just trading or undertaking an analysis of the stock market but also investing in financial products such as currencies or stocks that help reap better profits.

Stock Market software helps traders in the following things:

  1. Analyze market trends
  2. Execute trades
  3. Manage their and their clients' portfolios
  4. Place market buy or sell orders
  5. Use programmable APIs for direct market access
  6. In generating new orders

Most Common Features of Stock Trading Software 

Software for the stock market comes with plenty of features to streamline the trading procedure. Some important features you get with this software are predication indicators, arbitrage capturing, real-time pricing quotes, technical analysis, etc. Let's look at these features in detail below;

Key features of best technical analysis software for indian stock market

  1. Prediction Indicators

    One of the elemental features of stock market software is its predictive analysis system, which helps traders estimate the trajectory of price levels. This helps brokerage firms come up with new trading ideas and strategies to improve profitability.

  2. Arbitrage Capturing

    Most technical stock analysis software that help in monitoring the price differences in the selling and buying of shares, for arbitrage capturing. This is important to ensure risk-free profit for your clients

  3. Calculative Model-Based Application

    For applying calculated trading strategies, stock trading software support mathematical models that help with quick and easy calculations. It also helps with intelligent capturing of price differences for increased profit.

  4. Real-Time Quotes for Prices

    Access in real-time for getting prices and quotes for different assets like derivatives, currency and equity. Having in-depth information from leading financial markets is always a plus.

  5. Charts

    Use these charts for performing a technical analysis of commodities, indices, ETFs, shares, futures and bonds. Important charting techniques include line and bar charts, MACD, indicator studies like moving averages/RSI and candlesticks.

  6. Research Tools

    Traders can quickly look for information about a company including their latest news, financial metrics, and earnings. One can also access analyst ratings as well as reports. This helps traders make smart buying and selling decisions.

  7. Automated Trading

    Automated trading allows traders to establish set and specific rules for both the entry and exits of trade. After they are programmed, they are automatically executed with the help of a computer.

  8. Paper Trading

    Paper trading is a trading process in which beginner investors can invest without committing any real money. This is done by manipulating investment positions and imaginary money that behaves in a similarly to the real market.

  9. Technical Analysis

    Statistical trends can be identified with the technical analysis feature. Past performance can also be used for predicting a stock market’s future as the software helps with analysing of trading signals and pricing movements.

  10. Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis is a method of estimating a stock's real market value. Fundamental analysts look for stocks that are trading at higher or lower prices as compared to the actual value.

  11. Platform Compatibility

    An online trading platform should be compatible with all operating systems. Many online trading software providers also offer web-based services that enable day traders to stay connected regardless of the time and place.

  12. Trial Version

    Different intra-day trading software solutions provide tools suitable for specific strategies. Therefore, ook for software solutions that provide a trial version so that traders can pick the one that meet their requirements.

How Does Stock Market Software Work?

Trading software works by offering traders access to market data and financial information that might help them with their trading decisions. It also provides tools to analyze market trends, create trading signals, and manage investment portfolios. Here's how it typically operates: 

  1. Data Aggregation: Stock trading software collects real-time and historical data from various financial markets, including stock exchanges, to provide users with accurate information about stock prices, market trends, news, and analysis. 
  2. Order Placement: With this software, you can place buy or sell trading orders directly. These orders are sent to the relevant stock exchanges or market makers for execution. 
  3. Analysis Tools: Trading software often includes various analysis tools and indicators to help users make informed trading decisions. These may include technical indicators, fundamental analysis tools, charting features, and news feeds. 
  4. Execution: Once a user places an order, trading software sends the order to appropriate exchange or trading venue for execution. The speed and efficiency of order execution can vary depending on factors such as the user's internet connection and the broker's execution capabilities. 
  5. Portfolio Management: Stock trading software generally provides tools to monitor and manage investment portfolios. This may include tracking the performance of individual stocks, analyzing portfolio diversification, setting alerts for price movements, and generating reports for tax or accounting purposes. 
  6. Risk Management: Trading software includes features for managing risk, such as stop-loss orders. It automatically sells a stock if its price falls below a certain threshold or margin trading controls to prevent users from overleveraging their positions. 

Modules of Stock Market Software

Stock market software, also known as trading platforms, typically consists of several core modules that cater to different aspects of the investment process. Predictive analysis, trading risk management, audit management, strategy testing, investment management, etc., are some of the most popular modules of this software. Lets look at each module in detail below;

  • modules of best stock trading software for beginnersPredictive Analysis: A predictive analytics module, helps trading companies can predict the price rise or dip of stocks of specific corporations. With predictive analysis, traders can figure out when to sell their favourite stock for the best profit.
  • Trading Risk Management: Calculate all risks associated with selling or buying stocks with this trading risk management module. The better the risk management is, the better would be the ability of a business/individual to take advantage of available trading opportunities.
  • Audit Management: The stock market audit management module helps in the automation of audit-based functions. It helps organize the workflow and collaborate on audit compilation. This is important to organize the workflow.
  • Investment Management: This module provides management assistance in financial processes related to stock transactions and recordkeeping. You can devise short-term and long-term strategies to upgrade your stock portfolio.
  • Strategy Testing: Different strategies can be tested across various domains and fields to see which one is the best suited at a given time with strategy testing module. The testing approach is quite effective in making profitable stock market decisions.
  • Report Management: Reports in the form of charts and bars are readily available to understand and scan the current scenario of the market. Brokers get the data they need to make the right decisions and ensure outstanding client service.
  • Query Analysis: Analyze whatever queries one has with the help of stock market software. With the help of its advanced query analysis, traders get deep insights into their queries.
  • Index Analysis: Index of a stock is a measurement of a particular section of the stock market. It is calculated from the prices of stocks. This is used by investors to describe the market as well as compare the return on investments.
  • Tracking Stock Buying & Selling: Enter trades into the software for tracking stocks. Sale and purchase of stocks is also easy with stock market software.
  • Market Summary: The analytics in the stock software contains the market summary as well. This helps in accumulating knowledge about the market before acting on the existing stocks.

Advantages / Benefits of Stock Market Software

Stock market software provides you with multiple tools to improve your decision making. It supports technical analysis to predict trends, offers real-time data for informed actions, and provides back testing to refine strategies. Moreover, it assists in maximizing your trading efficiency to increase your returns. Here are some other benefits of using this software:

  • stock market software benefitsFlexibility: Stock market software is customizable as well as flexible. Stock market software allows its users to change their charts, sector lines, resistance lines, and indicators. You can also schedule a variety of tasks and perform buying, selling and analysis uninterruptedly.
  • Cross-Platform: Stock market software makes watching and managing trades a hassle-free process. This is necessary to keep a competitive edge. The best part is cross-platform support that makes it easier for traders to get good deals.
  • Streamlined Procedures: Processes in the stock market are streamlined with the help of stock market management software. The process which is usually done manually can now be automated with stock market software.
  • Better Financial Analysis: The financial analysis helps examine the key financial information of a company. This includes data from their annual as well as quarterly reports. Traders and investors base their purchase of stock on a company’s growth potential. Since manually doing this process would take too much time, stock market software was developed to automate everything.
  • Better Technical Analysis: Technical analysis can automatically identify trading opportunities with the help of statistical trends. It uses past performances to predict the behaviour of the stock market for the future. One can analyse patterns of trading signals and price movements with the help of trading software.

How to Choose the Right Stock Market Software? 

Choosing the right stock trading software depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here's a guide to help you: 

  • Define Your Goals: Determine what you want to achieve with the software. The choice will depend on whether you are a beginner looking for basic stock tracking or an experienced investor needing advanced analytics and trading tools. 
  • Check Features: Look for features that align with trading goals. Common features include real-time data, customizable watchlists, technical analysis tools, portfolio tracking, news feeds, and trading capabilities. 
  • Ease of Use: Choose software with a user-friendly interface, especially if you're new to trading. It should be intuitive and easy to navigate. 
  • Compatibility: Ensure that stock trading software is compatible with your devices and operating systems, whether it's desktop, web-based, or mobile. 
  • Consider Pricing: Consider your budget and pricing structure of the software. Some platforms offer free basic versions with optional premium upgrades, while others require a subscription or one-time payment. 
  • Check Security Protocols: Verify that the software employs robust security measures to protect your sensitive financial information and transactions. 

How to Use Stock Market Software? 

Using stock trading software typically involves several steps like signing in your account, researching tools, identifying trading opportunities, and so on. Here is a detailed breakdown of using stock market software: 

  1. Sign up for an account with the software provider. This may involve providing personal information and funding your account. 
  2. Use the trading software to research stocks, analyze market trends, and identify profitable trading opportunities. It might include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and using various trading indicators. 
  3. Once you have learned about a trading opportunity, you can use stock market software to buy or sell trade orders. Make sure to specify details such as quantity, price, and order type (market order, limit order, etc.). 
  4. Maintain track of your open positions and monitor the market for any developments that might impact on your trades. Most trading software offers real-time data and price alerts to help you stay informed. 
  5. Next, constantly review your trading performance by using its reporting and analytical features. This would help you in adjusting your trading strategies and making necessary adjustments.  

Best Trading software in India for Technical Analysis

Let's look at the top stock trading software based on their best features and pricing to help you choose the right one to trade stocks;

Top 10 Stock Market Software Comparison
Softwares Key Features Pricing
TradingView Uses charts to visualize trends, Advanced technical analysis, Algo trading Paid plan starts from INR 995/month
TrendSpider Trading strategy tester, Automated technical analysis, Trade charting Paid plan starts from INR 8,992.20/user/month
NinjaTrader Chart styles and bars, Automated strategies, Chart drawing tools. Free plan available/paid plan starts from INR 8,184.97/month
Stock Rover Running multiple screeners, Dynamic screener views, Trade evaluator Paid plan starts from INR 660.75/month
MetaStock Trading strategies backtesting, Provides adaptive indicators Offers different pricing plans for every trading feature.
Benzinga Watchlist Alerts, Real-Time Scanner, Strategies back testing Free plan available/paid plan starts from INR 3,061.28/month
Finviz Real-time stock quotes, Advanced Charts, Strategies back testing Free plan available/Paid plan details are available on request.
eSignal Real-time trading data, Real-Time Market Data and Analysis, Automated Trading Pricing details are available on request
Thinkorswim Charting and analysis, Technical analysis, Built-in insights Offers different pricing plans to trade different stocks.
TradeStation Real-time market data, Creates and tests strategies, Analyzes and executes trades Pricing is based on stocks and country

How Do We Evaluate and Select the Best Stock Market Software for You? 

Stock market software assists investors and traders in various stages of navigating the stock market. It can help you in buying, selling, and analyzing different investment instruments. There are ample software options for the stock market in the industry, but which one is right for you? Therefore, to help find which trading software is best in India, we have compared software based on metrics like functions, benefits, pricing, usability, compatibility, and so on.

While comparing best software for trading in India, we have considered special features like prediction indicators, technical stock analysis, automated trading, paper trading, etc. The feature availability would depend on the pricing plans like free or paid plans. Hence, we further compared various trading software based on their free trial, free version, and paid pricing plans.  

How Much Does Stock Market Software Cost? 

Stock market software cost depends on the vendor and the functions it provides. However, on average, this software costs around INR 5084.74/month. Most of the listed software is available for users based on subscription, either monthly or annually. However, there are multiple software vendors that provide lifetime license to use this software.

This cost will also depend on the features it provides. For instance, software with basic trading features will be less expensive than software providing advanced trading features. Additionally, software maintenance, customer support, and training materials costs will also be included in the overall software cost. Therefore, it is important to look at the complete cost breakdown before selecting any of them. 

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