Vedanta Aluminium Introduces E-commerce Platform for Aluminium Products

Vedanta Aluminium Introduces E-commerce Platform for Aluminium Products-feature image
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New Delhi: Vedanta Aluminium has launched an innovative e-commerce platform, ‘Vedanta Metal Bazaar.’ The platform aims to streamline the sale of primary Aluminium products, offering buyers a hassle-free experience with just-in-time delivery and real-time AI-based price discovery.

“For small and medium-sized companies, this is going to be a real game changer,” Vedanta Aluminium CEO, John Slaven told PTI.

Further he added, “Over 750 products are available and all aspects of the buying process from really identifying which products they want, understanding pricing, which is a very complex and dynamic process, and then everything from negotiating the contract, documenting, and then managing the logistics…and then delivery to the to their site. And then for financial reconciliation, all of that can be done on this platform.”

The platform not only offers standard Aluminium products like ingots, billets, and wire rods but also includes custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of its customer base. Vedanta Aluminium, a business under Vedanta Ltd, has set the bar high with this initiative, producing 2.29 million Tonnes of Aluminium in FY23.

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