Project Management

20 Best Free Open Source Project Management Software Tools (Web-Based)

By | 18 Min Read

If you are a business who have just started your journey and have a team, you might want to get a system which helps in synchronisation between teammates while working...


10 Best Open Source and Free Library Management Software

By | 11 Min Read

With the huge amount of data available online, it becomes a necessity to convert the traditional offline libraries into an online knowledge base. Free and open source library management systems...

Digital & Social

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in Less Than 15 Minutes- for Free

By | 13 Min Read

As a business, the most crucial aspect is to adapt to the target market, whether it is understanding the needs of consumers or their habits and preferences. Current trends show...

Data Management

A Quick Look at 12 Best Free Open Source Database Management System

By | 16 Min Read

Database management software is meant to store data in an organized way so you can retrieve the necessary data when you want it. It becomes easy to manage data when...


15 Best Free Pomodoro Apps to Improve Your Time Management Skills

By | 20 Min Read

Developed in 1980s by Francesco Cirilli, the pomodoro technique is a work and time management technique which helps people become more productive in a short span of time. With the...

Finance and acccounting

How to File GSTR 1 Using Tally.ERP 9 – A Step By Step Guide

By | 7 Min Read

The Goods and Services Tax Return 1 form is an official document that every registered tax payer has to file monthly quarterly. All the tax payers have to enter their...

Finance and acccounting, Tax and regulatory services

How to Get GSTIN Number in India

By | 8 Min Read

GST or Goods and Services Tax has brought about a revolution in the way taxes were calculated and paid in the country in the past. Under the previous tax regime,...

Animation Studios, Designing, Software Designing

How to Create 3D Animation Video Online for Free

By | 9 Min Read

3D animated videos are gaining massive popularity these days. Its audience is increasing by the day. Starting from kids to even adults, 3D animation videos are enjoyed by everybody. But...


How to Install Quick Heal Total Security: Step-By-Step Guide

By | 6 Min Read

One of the most common reasons for software related issues in computer systems and mobile devices is the presence of unsolicited programs such as malware, adware, viruses and worms. Due...

Data Recovery Software

Android Data Recovery: How to Recover Lost Files & Photos on Phone

By | 7 Min Read

We all have moments where we mistakenly delete something important from our phones. It does not necessarily have to be our fault. Others can do this to your phone data...


Revised Salary Structure in India – All You Need to Know

By | 8 Min Read

Payroll calculation can be a complicated process if it isn’t streamlined. While the payroll processes vary from one business to another, there are specific components that remain constant, such as...

Finance & Revenue, Hotel

Hotel Revenue Management: How to Double Room Bookings in a Month

By | 7 Min Read

The secret to a successful business lies in how you manage your hotel business. Pricing and customer satisfaction are the most important variables in determining the revenue of your hotel...


How to Start Bulk SMS Service Business in India

By | 11 Min Read

Bulk messaging has become the necessity of businesses to connect with their potential & existing buyers. The popularity of this marketing tool across educational institutes, government bodies and corporate offices...

Education, School & Campus Management

Parental Involvement: Driving Force Towards School’s High Admission Rates

By | 3 Min Read

It is a fact that students achieve more when their parents are involved. The role of a parent is crucial and the same has been proven in countless reports and...


Tips on How to Detect & Prevent Ransomware

By | 13 Min Read

What is Ransomware Attack: Types & Characteristics Ransomware is a malicious program, created to infect a computer system or server and block access until a sum of money is paid....

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