21 Best Free Typing Software Online in 2020

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Some people think that typing is not an important skill now. In the era of Google Now, Cortana and Siri, people are already moving from text-based search to voice search. However, there are many such streams where talking to machines is not enough. The skill of touch typing has increased over the time for quick and effective content creation. Fortunately, there are a few free yet best typing software for beginners to learn typing quickly.

Typing software

Best free typing software is what you can access to learn typing fast and work with your system fast and effective.

List of 21 Best Free Typing Software Online

Here, we have listed top 21 best free typing software, which will help you learn typing quickly and efficiently.

Hindi Typing software

  • Rapid Typing Tutor

Try this typing software to increase your typing speed and accuracy. It makes your keyboard training entertaining and enjoyable.

Even kids can learn typing faster by playing a typing game with Rapid Typing Tutor. The software gives you easy lessons so that you can learn using keyboard skills efficiently. These lessons are available for free.


  • Rapid Typing Tutor has a virtual keyboard with zone highlights so that you can learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard. The software supports all famous keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc.
  • The software displays moving hands over the keyboard to simplify your typing lessons. These hands guide you about which finger to use if you want to press the current key. Even students can use this software to become proficient at typing.
  • What’s more, the software uses minimal system resources so that you don’t face any hiccup while running this application.


  • It may take you a while to adjust to different keyboard layouts besides the typical QWERTY.
  • KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor

An interactive program to help users enhance their existing typing skills, KeyBlaze is a great free typing tutor. This typing software is apt for writers, secretaries, marketers, and those wanting to increase the number of words typed per minute.

KeyBlaze is free and works best with Mac as well as Windows operating systems.


  • With its 10-key number pad and touch-typing facilities, the software operates on Windows and is apt for people with varied skill levels.
  • The software has dictation audio exercises for transcription practice, fun typing games, etc.
  • Additionally, this tool tests your typing skills and provides practice exercises which include poems, drills, prose, etc.


  • The software has an easy user interface apt for adults. However, kids looking to improve their touch-typing skills may find the software less attractive.
  • Speed Type Online

This free online typing tutor has 17 classic lessons. These lessons allow you to learn all the letters on the keyboard before your skills get tested through reviews.


  • The software offers two lesson formats (classic lessons and advanced lessons) so that you can choose how you’d want to learn.
  • Additionally, with Speed Typing Online software, you can customize the length of all lessons.
  • You can also set your typing goals using this software. All you need to do is set and achieve your target speed and accuracy. What’s more, this online typing tutor will automatically suggest the lessons you have to work on next.


  • This typing software is apt for beginners but not very helpful for advanced users. Not only this, you need to register to access or save available lessons.
  • Typing Bolt

Do you still look at your keyboard while typing? Opt for this AI-based online typing software and learn to type using only your index fingers.

Use this online typing tutor to learn touch typing with the help of Bolt AI. Are you wondering what Bolt is? It is an Artificial Intelligent engine which studies typing patterns. It uses multiple unique algorithms to track user levels.  

This is one of the best typing software, which has a user-customizable UI so that you can quickly type without looking at your keyboard. This smart UI also reflects on which finger the user should use to type each letter.


  • Bolt AI measures your keystroke dynamics. Additionally, it understands your typing pattern. Based on this analysis, Bolt AI generates words that emphasize more on your weakest keys at a given time.
  • Additionally, by analysing your typing skills, Bolt AI automatically controls difficulty levels.
  • Simply view a graphical representation of your performance that helps you understand your current skill level and the areas you are required to work on for better results.


  • The only hitch is that Bolted connection has slightly lesser strength in axial tension. This is because the net area at the root of the thread is less.
  • Typing.com

Use some cool tips and tricks offered by Typing.com to learn how to type. This free typing software monitors progress from time to time. You can improve your typing accuracy and speed by opting for one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute typing tests offered by this online typing tutor.


  • Its engaging curriculum teaches students valuable technology fundamentals.
  • Students learn faster with fun typing games and interactive lessons. This gamified learning is a must to ensure faster, more accurate typing.   
  • Another significant advantage is that Typing.com offers instructions and lessons in English and Spanish. 


  • Only a limited number of lessons are available on Typing.com. This implies that advanced users may not find the lessons very helpful.
  • TypingClub

Web-based, free, and highly effective typing tool – that’s TypingClub for you. Both schools and individuals can use it for free. However, a paid school edition version is also available.

Teachers can use free typing lessons offered to monitor the progress of their students and customize lessons. Also, teachers can effectively manage several classes using TypingClub.

You can use free typing lessons offered to monitor the progress of students and customize lessons. Also, teachers can effectively manage several classes using TypingClub.


  • It offers mobile apps and has tools so that teachers can design lessons.
  • With a proper hand posture guide, you can see the correct hand posture on keys as you type.
  • You are rewarded with stars and badges as you go up the ladder. It also has various levels to keep you motivated and build your muscle memory.


  • Typing Club’s free version has ads. Also, it has the same lessons for all ages and grade levels.
  • Touch Typing Study

Touch Type Study free, easy-to-use typing software for you to learn and practice typing and improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Touch typing advocates the concept of strengthening muscle memory instead of sight. This method is advantageous if you want to increase your data entry speed, particularly when you have to transcribe text from other visual material.


  • With 15 free typing lessons available in different languages, the software is apt for improving your typing skills.
  • All lessons are broken down into topics for you to see what's coming next. This way, you can also skip one section if you are confident about your skills.
  • It has different keyboard layouts to choose from and games to keep you glued.  It also has speed tests to evaluate your skills.


  • The software does not have any audio or video instruction, and text instructions are not elaborate.
  • Typing.io

This one is different. It is mainly a typing tutor or trainer, so to say, for programmers. The lessons of this typing software are based on open source code that helps you practice typing sequences that are like the ones on the real code.

This online tutor comes in two plans. While Scissor Switch Plan is free, Typing.io Mechanical Plan is available at approx. ₹700.


  • You can easily track your typing progress, mistakes, and inefficiencies such as increasing WPM and decreasing unproductive keys using this software.
  • The software has lessons in 16 languages. This means you can train yourself in your favourite language.
  • Not only this, Typing.io prevents typing more than a few characters after an error.


  • The software’s paid version is faster and detects typing errors with the higher accuracy as compared to the free version. 
  • Ratatype

Speed up your learning progress with this efficient typing tutor and develop valuable keyboarding skills. 

You can enhance your typing speed and accuracy by taking online typing lessons and tests. With this typing software, you can make a group to encourage healthy competition with your friends, classmates, and co-workers. 


  • There are over a dozen free typing lessons available at Ratatype.Not only this, before starting these lessons, you’re given several typing tips.
  • It has a clean and modern design and provides you your personal typing certificate.


  • It requires a free user account and it can't skip to advanced lessons.
  • Typing Master

Compatible with your OS, Typing Master is available for free download. You can double your typing speed and improve keyboarding skills in a fun way by using Typing Master.


  • You can test your wpm accuracy and speed. Try its user-friendly, quick, and customizable web-based wpm testing tool to fulfil all your business recruitment needs. It is apt for training purposes too.
  • Play free typing games to become a master at keyboard handling.
  • Use Typing Test Pro to find an easy way to assess the text entry skills of your prospective employees. You can also view summary reports of the tests


  • The software's interface is dull and outdated.

Best Free Typing Software for Mac

Best Typing Software

  • ZenTypist

You can find typing software not just for your PC but also for Mac. With the best free typing software for Mac, you can learn touch typing directly through your smartphone even on the go.

You can perfect your typing with this typing app. ZenTypist typing software for Mac displays a section of text which you need to type accurately.

Along with improving your word count per minute, this app ensures you type well.


  • ZenTypist for Mac has a simple, colorful keyboard display
  • It helps focus on accuracy and provides clear error alerts
  • Typing extracts form complete paragraphs


  • One main drawback is that you have no option to change the size of the text
  • Its visual keyboard can't be turned off, and it has no way to track speed.
  • The software has limited additional typing tools
  • Animal Typing Lite

Animal Typing Lite is an interesting way to learn touch typing with your family members across all age groups. The speed of animals on the screen increases, with your typing speed. However, you need to be extra careful about typos.

If you achieve higher accuracy, you will surely be rewarded. Also, your animal changes as per your speed, such as snail for slower speed and horse for the higher typing speed. Avoid the typos, and you may get cheetah!


  • Showcases proper writing techniques with animated fingers
  • Provides different keyboard layouts, such as, Workman, Qwertz (German/Swiss), Dvorak, Qwerty (US/UK), etc.
  • Kids can learn on Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts
  • Allows switching between multiple users with a Local user login system
  • macOS integration for full-screen mode and retina display.


  • Its free version provides limited typing lessons.
  • Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers LT makes typing fun with a completely new approach to touch typing. It’s apt for anybody, be it kids or adults. It has a beautiful design and there is music in the background to make typing more fun. So, excited to increase your typing skills? You will get Typing Fingers Diploma after the successful completion of every level.


  • Supports US/EN QWERTY keyboard layout
  • Contains typing games
  • Symmetric super learning
  • Interactive typing lessons
  • Learn and play mode.


  • Most of the typing levels are available with the in-app purchase.
  • The Vehicles Typing

The Vehicles Typing is a great typing tool for kids who would enjoy watching vehicles down the road. They just have to type letters given in the balloons to keep the car running. The balloons also hold corresponding hints for the keys to be pressed.


  • You can type from just a word to sentences with more than thirty online tutor stages
  • Supports ten popular vehicles, including cars, trains, airplanes and ships
  • You can switch between three users
  • Some vehicles can also be transformed into monsters


  • It’s suitable only for kids and beginners.
  • Max Type Pro

Max Type Pro provides an effective way to enhance your typing skills in a minimal time. With personalized typing exercises, you can learn typing online quickly and accurately. It has a multi-user interface, which provides password-protected access with customized settings.


  • Max Type Pro helps learn typing with six different modes
  • Provides statistics for each hand to avoid mis type
  • Includes excerpts, which allows you to type after lyrics and source code
  • Also, you can take any typing test with a virtual component


  • Implementation is a bit complex.  
  • Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is what you need to learn typing efficiently with the touch-type method. It allows you to double your speed with core keyboarding skills in just a few hours. This best free typing software also covers modules for numbers, symbols, speed building, etc.


  • On-screen keyboard that makes learning finger movements an intuitive process
  • Motoric warm-up to keep your fingers oriented for new movement
  • Varied word and text drills


  • Can include more effective testing modules.

Best Free Hindi Typing Software

Free Hindi Typing Software

Today, the trend of typing in Hindi is prevalent. With businesses trying to connect with their target audience in their own language, every other business is opting for those who can type in Hindi with utmost speed and perfection. To learn Hindi typing skills, you can opt for these best free Hindi typing software for Windows 10 and other versions.

  • Sonma Typing Expert for Windows

Sonma Typing Expert is for those who wish to improve their typing speed in Hindi and English. However, different alphabets will be in use, making it difficult for beginners. However, this Hindi typing software for Windows 10 and other versions is ideal to type quickly and accurately at the professional level.


  • Because of the difference in the standard QWERT keyboard and Hindi digital keyboards, the typing speed might be slow in the beginning. However, it’s a great practice tool.
  • This Hindi typing tutor also allows changing between these two languages
  • Analytics reports to gauge the performance and improve
  • You can also print your performance and statistics to present during job applications
  • Its test feature allows you to gauge your performance in a timed scenario.


  • Bilingual people might feel difficulty in adjusting to different keyboard layouts.
  • InScript Keyboard Layout

InScript Keyboard Layout is a standard layout for keyboards to type Indian scripts. It utilizes the standard 104- or 105- layout. InScript Keyboard Layout comes with all common operating systems, which is Windows 2000 and later. This Hindi typing software also supports other operating systems, such as Mac OS and Linux.


  • Approved and recommended by Indian Govt.
  • Hindi InScript keyboard is used in examinations like - SSC, UP Govt exam, CPCT, and more
  • The Hindi-Traditional and Marathi keyboard of this Hindi typing tutor includes English punctuation as well.


The InScript keyboard is for expert users only.

  • Google Input Tool

Google Input Tool is available for Google Services, Chrome, Android, and Windows users. You can type in any language you choose and start typing in the Input Box.


  • An intuitive and streamlined interface
  • Ensures faster typing in different languages with the help text.


  • It has glitches like punctuation issues and joint words.
  • HindiWriter

HindiWriter makes Hindi typing easier, as you don’t have to remember any new keyboard layout. It provides an in-built Indic language support from Windows. So, no additional font installation is required. HindiWriter also provides additional features, such as Spell Check and Auto Word Lookup.


  • It supports Unicode, including FireFox, MS Office and Internet Explorer.
  • This typing tool also supports OpenOffice.org suite, Outlook, Notepad and more
  • This Hindi typing software uses iTrans scheme for transliteration.


  • Installation is a bit complicated and a few characters are hard to type.
  • Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

With this free desktop application, you can learn typing in Hindi. The software helps build your speed of Hindi Typing. To keep you glued to the screen, Anop Hindi Typing Tutor has a nice and colorful interface that looks like a child’s game. What’s best? This Hindi typing software doesn’t require internet access.


  • Doesn’t require internet access to operate
  • Ideal solution to learn Hindi typing for exams, such as SSC
  • Free Hindi typing tutor tool for Kurti dev and Devlys font


  • The interface can be more interactive to promote quick typing lessons online.

Summary: Best Typing Software for PC & Smartphone - Free Download

Typing is still one of the fundamental skills, which can help you improve on focus and time management. This is an essential skill for enthusiastic skills, who need to manage computer in full capacity. With these best free typing software solutions, you can learn typing in hours or days and with utmost efficiency. Plus, the software can help acquire skills quickly and without demanding much in terms of money.


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